Pablo: Japan’s Famous Cheese Tart


Advertisements can really be enticing. That’s what I prove when the talk of the town, Pablo, came in Manila. I admit that I’m one of those people who waited for Pablo’s arrival in our country, one of those who drool while watching the videos they’re posting on the social media pages, one of those who invited friends to try the new crave with me and one of those people who witnessed the opening of Pablo in Robinson’s Manila. I’m also crazy as you but not to the point that I’ll join the long queue and wait for about four hours just to have one. I can wait until the hype is over, you know. And yes! That time came and finally, we had a taste of the food they call Japan’s famous cheese tart.


Although I’m craving to the oozing cheese I saw on Pablo advertisements, I actually had no plans of going to Robinson’s Manila just to try their cheese tart because I knew that there will be a long line like when J.Co opened their first branch here in the Philippines. But then my appointment with someone in Robinson’s Manila is so timely that I was able to witness and video record the people who crave it more than me. Yes, that’s how long the queue is! It even blocks the other restaurants.


Pablo store

Finally, after a month, a sufficient number of curious tongues were already satisfied. Unfortunately, there are plenty of bad reviews I heard about it but that didn’t stop me from trying this out. Now, it’s my turn to judge and enjoy this gooey thing I only see in photos and videos. Although there is still a line, I thought, we could manage waiting. After all, we were already here and we went to Robinson’s Manila just to buy one.


Pablo interior

Once we’re there, we found out that they were still baking and accommodating numerous reserved orders so we still have to wait longer that we’ve expected. As I stood in the line, I just wandered my eyes around and wondered the beauty of Pablo’s facade and interior. As we can see, they stick to their cheese tart concept. But also as I wait, I set my eyes to the menu and shocks! I thought my wallet is going to cry given the small amount of serving.


making pablo cheesetart

Customers can also view how Pablo people make their product. After they baked the cheese filling, tart shells and toppings, they’ll transfer the cream cheese mixture to the tart shells, mix it further, flatten, stamp with their signature and spread that yellow syrupy thing which I expected was egg wash or butter or burnt cheese which will add flavor to it.  But I was disappointed to find out that it was just a yellow gelatin without flavor.


pablo chocolate mini cheesetart

Another sad thing about our first try in Pablo is the fact that these Plain Mini Cheese Tarts aren’t ours. They are reserved, which means that there’s nothing left for us. Since their specialty was sold out, we opted for their Chocolate x Chocolate Mini Cheese Tart. It actually didn’t bother me since I was also curious of how they blend chocolate and the cheesy flavor. I must say that my curiosity was satisfied yet my palate wasn’t. It tasted like Chuckie chocolate drink without any hint of cheese.


pablo plain mini cheesetart
© Mary Angel Yap

They say that we shouldn’t judge Pablo if we only tried one of their cheese tarts. So in our second visit, we gave it another chance by ordering the famous Plain Mini Cheese Tart. And I still stand on my opinion. Maybe, my expectation was too high for Pablo to reach it. Well, I didn’t say that it’s bad. It’s just overrated and ordinary for the price and hype it’s getting. I felt the sweetness instead of tasting the tartness. In conclusion, for me, a second or third try is not worth it.


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