How To Make Peach Cobbler

Want your dessert even better? Try having peach cobbler! The sweetness of this fruit and the crispiness of the crust are perfect combination for the day. Cobblers are not that common in the Philippines so for my fellow’s information, this refers to a variety of dishes, particularly in UK and US, consisting of a fruit

Generation Y 101: The Millennial Language

Millennials are now conquering the world as they bring their own language in every corner of the planet! It is evident that we, the youngest generation, have different communication experience compared to the previous generation because we have access to a cellular phone and internet connection. Because of this, we were able to produce our own

Five Ways To Wear Red Pumps

A woman won’t be complete without having red pumps in her closet for it defines woman’s elegance. If we, girls, want to switch to the classy side of ourselves, all we have to do is to bring out our red pumps and the pair will turn every outfit into chic. The vibrant color of the

Life Hacks For Wearers

I’m no expert when it comes to fashion but that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to share the clothing hacks I know because we all encounter wardrobe malfunction and fashion expert or not, we have the ability to find the solution for that. So instead of throwing your shoes, buying a new pair of

Painless Diode Laser Hair Removal Of Skin Station

After sharing my experience on Strip, hair removal treatments has been the topic of the barkada’s tittle-tattle. My friends and I have been talking about which is the best boutique when it comes to body and facial treatments. And there’s this one boutique that stood out to our little chat due to their painless diode

Honda Philippines Factory Tour

Last Friday was fun and informative because we had an educational tour in First Philippine Industrial Park in Santo Tomas, Batangas for our Complex Economics subject. My classmates and I were so amazed to see a number of leading factories in the world built together in one area. And one of them is Honda Philippines,

Famous Chains First Branches

Taking up a business course, I became inspired and interested to stories of successful businessmen including their ways of managing their business and how they started. Just like everyone else, I wonder where these famous retail chains first popped up. Let’s travel around the globe through Google Street View and see the first branches of

How To Make Bacon And Cheese Sandwich Rolls

Mom was in charge of making the snacks and she has bacon, cheese slices and bread slices on her table. It seems something new and delicious. I wonder what she’s gonna do with them so I asked. She told me that it’s Bacon and Cheese Sandwich Roll, a new experiment she saw on Youtube. That

One Has To Go Challenge

Once again, a kind of meme burst in the internet and it’s so challenging because it lets the netizens give up on something. The meme or challenge is called One Has To Go, wherein it features four or more photos of our favorite things in the world. But it doesn’t end there because the caption states

The Emoji Movie Review

I found a meme that describes today’s animation movies. It says that during 1995, movie makers gave feelings to toys by creating The Toy Story. During 1998, they provided feelings to bugs through A Bug’s Life. In 2001 and 2003, they presented monsters and fishes with feelings through Monsters, Inc and Finding Nemo respectively. They