Pepi Cubano: Serving Authentic Cuban Sandwiches Since 2006

pepi cubano serving authentic cuban sandwiches since 2006

Cuban sandwiches had been haunting me even though I have no idea what they are other than being a sandwich. Last month, a booth in our university sold Cuban sandwiches. Last week, I saw my classmate eat one. One time, my brother watched Chef wherein these sandwiches showed up. But last night was my best encounter with Cuban sandwiches that I really didn’t expect to happen. I had an appointment with someone in The Peninsula Manila. Let’s just call her Tita Marie, not her real name. After settling things, she invited me to eat in a restaurant which I forgot the name outside the hotel. But unfortunately, it was already closed since we ate late. Tita Marie, then, suggested Pepi Cubano. She told me that her close friend owned the place, that they make good food, that it will be a good subject on my blog and that Pepi Cubano is all about Cuban sandwiches. Oh! So this is the reason why Cuban sandwiches surrounded me all along. I was going to have a taste of it right at that moment!

Pepi Cubano has been serving authentic Cuban sandwiches since 2006. Why did I noticed them just now? But there are no regrets. I’m glad that Tita Marie brought me here, or else, I won’t get a chance to experience the relaxation that this small yet comfy stakll gives and most importantly, the oh-so-yummy sandwiches. I think it would be better to present our orders one by one so I can fully describe their food.


Pepi Cubano

pepi cubano

Tita Marie was the one who ordered since, as I said, our two more companions and I didn’t know anything about these Cuban stuff. All I know is that I’m ready to devour them! Just by looking at them, you can tell that it’s totally appetizing. And this Pepi Cubano, which is a sandwich of roast pork and ham, proved the descriptions on my mind. I bet this is their specialty, not just because it has the name of the restaurant, but because it was really tasty and juicy and its ingredients were perfectly balanced.


Pan de Verdura

pan de verdura

Tita Marie ordered four sandwiches and we are four in the group. Pepi Cubano served their sandwiches in four slices, too. Therefore, the four of us has our own slices on all four sandwiches including Pan de Verdura, a Cuban sandwich for those people who are into veggies since it has roasted eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini and mushrooms. I should feel disgusted because I’m quite a veggie hater. But the warmth of the bread made the whole thing delicious. I ended up enjoying Pan de Verdura.


Pan de Bistec

pan de bistec

Bistec in a sandwich? That sounds horrible. But they said that it was one of the bestsellers and Tita Marie’s favorite so I gave it a try. And when I did, my taste buds couldn’t describe the feeling. It was a flat bread yet it has full of flavors. Despite of being thin, you’ll know that they filled the sandwich with savory spicy beef before pressing in their grill. I can see why it is a bestseller. This 280-peso worth of treat from Tita Marie isn’t a waste at all.


Pan de Guyaba

pan de guyaba

Pepi Cubano have it all. Pepi Cubano is a snack in a sandwich. Pan de Verdura is a veggie meal in a sandwich. Pan de Bistek is a beef meal in a sandwich. Torrejas is a breakfast in a sandwich. Ladies and gentlemen, they also offer a dessert in a sandwich with Pan de Guyaba. I didn’t know that guava jam and cream cheese blends with each other well until I ate this. But what I truly admire is the way they cook their breads. It was crunchy on the outside, and at the same time, soft in the inside. I love it!


Aguas Frutas

aguas frutas

Our dinner slash midnight snack won’t be complete without a drink. They offer a plenty of beverages but their Aguas Frutas caught me. It is a fruit juice using fresh fruits of the season. Although I can’t identify the fruits mixed in this juice, except for the apple since it has bits of it, I found it delectable, refreshing and a perfect pair to all of their sandwiches. They also serve their meals with banana chips. It was pretty good but it would be better if they get their banana chips in Mindoro. They have the best.



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