Problems Only Long-haired Girls Understand

Problems Only Long-Haired Girls Understands

Just like what people say, love is sacrifice – this is our motto! We, long-haired girls, encounter a number of problems regarding our long hair but still, we don’t mind them as much as possible because we love our hair long. I love my hair. I love my long, straight hair. It’s one of my asset, I guess. Well, for me, it’s the perfect hair that matches my face and figure, that’s why. So despite of the problems only long-haired girls understands, I will never ever change it as long as it fits to me. But let me just share these problems that we encounter and we sacrifice.


1. Every morning after taking a bath, we long-haired girls are already encountering problems. Argh! We can’t reach the edges of our hair! So we have to bring it to the front and then at the back and on the other side. It’s tiring and it took so long, you know. This also includes styling our hair like ironing or curling it one by one.

long hair problems 8


2. Then, after or before combing our hair, we brush our teeth or wash our face, right? And another problem is ongoing in this situations specifically when we put down our heads into the basin. In a second, we’ll notice that our hair goes down to the basin first before our face. If we didn’t clipped our hair, for sure, it will be wet after.

long hair problem 6


3. Another thing is when we hang something over our head or nape and our hair will also be inserted in body bags, medals, scarves and most especially necklaces because sometimes, when we put it away, some strands will be tied to the necklace. Pulling our hair out of this things can be very disturbing.

long hair problems 9


4. The longer the hair we have the more shampoo we consume. That’s true! Honestly, a medium bottle of shampoo only stays for a week inside my bathroom while a bottle of conditioner stays for a month since I only use them once a week. So if you have long hair, you have to restock a lot of shampoo and conditioner.

long hair problem 3


5. Of course, we are also willing to cut our hair for some certain reasons. And I tell you, in our every haircuts, we cry and feel regretful when we see our trimmed hair on the floor. Aside from haircuts, we also feel sad when we have to pay extra money on dye, hair treatments and others to parlors because we have long hair.

Miko De Mesa
© Miko De Mesa


6. In jeepneys, cabs or any open-window vehicle, we have to hold your hair so that it won’t fly to the person next to us. After the windy ride, we are already expecting that our hair will be a mess. And when that happens, we come back again to problem number one – a workout in combing our hair.

long hair problem 1


7. Our hair gets stuck almost everywhere – zippers, pens, doors, glossed lips, armpits, foods, tree branches, fans, suctions, babies’ fists, hair blowers, dresses, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, wires – everywhere! And the worst thing is that it hurts when we try to release it but we can’t so we just pull the strands out.

long hair problem 7


8. Okay. There’s this scenario when our house maid was sweeping my room’s floor. I randomly glanced on the floor and saw this spider-looking tangled hair. There’s this another scenario when a strand of my hair was sticking on my legs and thought that it was something. We can also be shocked on our own hair, you know.

© black_olive
© black_olive


9. When we go out, we always have to bring ponytails or elastic bonds with us especially when the weather is making us sweat. However, when it’s time to tie our hair, our elastic bonds easily break because its holes still have to pass a long hair. Sometimes, our hair can only manage two loops of ponytails but still not enough.

long hair problem 5


10. Actually, this isn’t a problem to our own house or own bathroom because of course, we’ll be buying towels that we need, want and fits our hair. But this problem occurs when we have to stay on our friend’s house or hotels and they only have wimpy towels. As you can see, the edges of my hair is outside. How I hate dripping wet hair!

long hair problem 4

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