The Six-Decade Rosary Of The Lasallian Family

The Six-Decade Rosary Of The Lasallian Family

“The sixth and final decade is dedicated to the Lasallian community..”

This is what Lasallians usually recites every time they pray the Holy Rosary. Wait, what? Sixth decade? Is there such a thing? Well, for most people, the answer would be “no”, but for the Lasallian family, their answer would be “yes.”


In this photo from my article “My Rose Gardens“, we can see that it has more beads compared to a normal Rosary. For the Lasallians Brothers, partners and students, St. John Baptist de La Salle prescribed the use of a Rosary of six decades rather than the more common one of five decades. This Rosary is given by the Lasallian Brothers to welcome each students to the Lasallian family. According to them, by tradition, Every Lasallian have kept this Rosary with them in their pockets every single day of their lives. For many of them, this simple gesture has been an important reminder of God’s abiding presence and an invitation to live the ideals of religio, mores and cultura in their lives.

The Six-Decade Rosary Of The Lasallian Family 3

The sixth Decade is recited in honor of the Immaculate Conception of Mary, and may include special intentions such as the needs of the Lasallian Mission, the Lasallian Partners, the Filipino youth and other youth-at-risk.

The Six-Decade Rosary Of The Lasallian Family 2

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