Something Like Monito Monita

something like monito monita

When I was in grade school, one activity that excites me the most during the coming of Christmas is the exchange gifts. Of course, we will be receiving gifts, but don’t forget to also give your presents. But the exchange gift that I’m talking about is not just the ordinary Kris Kringle, but the Filipino tradition of gift giving which we call, Monito Monita.

For those who didn’t know what’s unique with Monito Monita, it is this “something, something.” On the day of picking the name of the receiver of your gift, your group or section have to decide what kind of gift you will prepare for the gift giving. For example, your gift should be “something hard” or “something white” or “something small”. It’s up to you. This made this game interesting because it challenges the creativity of the giver. Actually, the gift shouldn’t be that expensive because it is done daily or weekly so that you will have different “something, something”

For those who are having a hard time choosing what to give for their Monito Monita, this article might help you because I want to share some objects that you can give.


Something Funny: Poop


Ooops! This is a fake poop. Don’t say you’re going to give the real one, or else, the receiver will be very disappointed. Fake poops are rarely sold. You can find some on Blue Magic. Other “something funny” ideas are comic books, toys and puzzles.


Something Soft: Soft Drink


Monito Monita is the happier version of Kris Kringle. But still, we can make it even happier by giving it a twist. Soft drink for “something soft” is just alright because as what its name says it is a soft drink. Just explain things to your receiver if he’s slow. Other “something soft” ideas are marshmallows, pillows and cotton.


Something Light: Lighter

Kindling a Fire

Just like in “something soft”, you can disobey the rules since this is just a game. Anyways, lighter are also light so we are not breaking any rules here. You can also have matchsticks or candles since they are related to lighter. Other “something light” ideas are paper, light bulb and christmas light


Something Loud: Friends

something loud

Okay. You can pack your noisy friends if you’re getting irritated to their noise. Just kidding. Our noisy friends makes the company happy, right? But you can give them as your present, no, not by wrapping him or her, but by letting your reciever meet them. Other “something loud” ideas are whistle, drum and alarm clock.


Something Blue: Blue Pintoora Bubblegum

© Janna Chua
© Janna Chua

For “something blue”, if you can find Agua of Agua Bendita, then go ahead. Kidding! But Blue Pintoora Bubblegum will be the best “something blue” gift for me because as you can see in my photo, it makes your lips and tongue blue. I really enjoy eating this one. Other “something blue” ideas are blueberries, Piattos and blue ballpen.


Something Sweet –  love, candy, chocolate

Something Sour – vinegar, calamansi, Yakee bubblegum

Something Hot – coffee, spices, yourself

Something Long – ruler, licorice candy, pencil

Something Round – marbles, quezo de bola, balls

Something Hard – mug, mirror, frame

Something Red – apple, blood, lipstick

Something Sticky – glue, rice cake, clay

Something Wet – water, hand sanitizer, cologne

Something Useful – ball pen, handkerchief, notebook

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