A Sweet Buffet For Dessert Lovers


For those people who love desserts or those people who have a sweet tooth or those people who just want to take a break from meat and veggies or those people who just want to relax, let me introduce the heaven on Earth – Love Desserts, an eat-all-you-can dessert buffet. Yes! Unlimited dessert exists! Hearing that sounds exciting already. What more if you got to experience it? That’s beyond our dreams already!

© Alfa Mariano

I’m happy that they came up with this concept. They really thought of a restaurant that catches the attention of most people. Even people who are on diet can’t resist this because apart from the dessert itself, a two-hour stay in this sweet haven costs only 229 pesos. That’s why almost everyday, we expect the place to be full. In our case, we waited for an hour and a half. And that’s the bad thing about Love Desserts. Their place is so small to accommodate a huge crowd. I hope that they’ll move at a better location. For sure, it won’t be hard for them to improve their restaurant since they have a strong business enabling them to earn big.

Anyway, let’s just proceed to dessert!


love desserts black-forest

Honestly, there was nothing special on their food. They are in their normal tastes without any twist, just like this black forest. It tastes the same as the typical black forest. But I was here because I was having fun being surrounded with colorful delights.


love desserts peach-bavarian-cream

I’m so glad I caught a whole cake! Customers immediately got their own slices when cakes were set on the buffet. And in my two-hour stay in Love Desserts, it’s only this peach Bavarian cream, which looks and tastes like crema de fruta, that I saw completely.


love desserts cheesecake-bites

I said that their dishes isn’t much of a revelation, well, except for their cheesecake bites. I’m not a fan of cheesecakes but on my first bite on this, I instantly became a fan of their version. The cheesiness and sweetness were balanced well.


love desserts fried-salas-roll

Wrapped fruit salad and then fried? What? How? Where? When? Who? Why? I don’t know what to ask! But when it finally landed on my palate, I realized that fried salad roll is so possible. I’m gonna make my own.


love desserts mango-float

This combination of crushed graham crackers, soft cream and fruit filling makes me drool! Drooling onto it was the best thing I did at that time since I only saw this when our time was up. That’s so sad! I hope this dish is served when I get back.


love desserts carrot-loaf

I really missed carrot pastries that’s why this is what I ate on my first round. I love that their carrot loaf is not too sweet even though they’re mainly offering sweets. It’s soft and not dry, too.


love desserts choco-banana-mousse

At the middle of the buffet table, small glasses of beautifully-made mousse, gelatin and panna cotta were arranged smoothly as if inviting every customers. Well, this banana-flavored I-don’t-know-what’s-called attracted me the most with its looks and its taste.


love desserts rainbow-gelatin

Aside from the previous dessert, another small glass I picked in this section was this one. Its pastel gradient effect was just so appealing. I thought it was a gelatin but it seems not when I got a spoonful. I was kinda disappointed though.


love desserts halo-halo

Still, nothing beats the number one Filipino dessert. Love Desserts lets you make your own halo halo by choosing your favorite halo halo ingredients. Sadly, my favorite halo halo ingredients, which are leche flan and cornflakes, weren’t available that time.


love desserts ice-cream

There are also different flavors of ice cream to put on top of your halo halo. It’s actually you’re choice if you want to combine them or eat them separately like what I did. Since the flavors calamansi and orange are new to me, I picked them and sprinkled with candies.


love desserts crepe

Love Desserts also offers crepe! And the staff there will help you creating one. However, I didn’t had it since it is usually served big making me full quickly. I just followed the number one tip in eat-all-you-can restaurants – just eat tidbits of each dish.


love desserts mille-crepe-cake

Instead, I opted for a small slice of their crepe cake and I didn’t doubt including this on my plate because I got to experience layers of thin pastry full of flavor.


love desserts tart

Tarts and cupcakes – they have it all. But of course, we all know that too much sweetness is bad for our body so they also have unsweetened snacks. I truly love their dynamite! I just haven’t had the chance to capture a photo of it.


love desserts nachos

I never thought that nachos can be made from fried lumpia wrapper. Yes! You read that right. Instead of nacho chips, they serve lumpia wrapper flakes with nacho sauce and toppings. And I never thought that I’m gonna like it.


love desserts singkamas-with-bagoong

My friends know how anticipated I am whenever I’m in front of singkamas, the Philippine turnip, especially when it is served with bagoong, a fermented fish paste. It’s a good thing that I’m in an eat-all-you-can place or else, I’m gonna pay big only for this.

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