Trip To PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center

trip to paws animal rehabilitation center

How I hate animal cruelty! Whenever I heard a news like this either on TV or in social media, I always find my tears trickling down my cheeks although I know that it is anger that I feel. I don’t understand why there are people who abuse animals. If they don’t like animals, they can just leave them instead of hurting them. That’s way easier, right? Sadness intrudes me of the thought especially when I had a chance to visit Philippines Animal Welfare Society Animal Rehabilitation Center with my fellow Lasallians and heard the stories of each cats and dogs there. But still, we’re grateful to have PAWS, for they give these animals hope for a new start.

paws animal rehabilitation center

I expected this area to be big because most animal rehabilitation centers I’ve been to were spacious. But I remembered that those animal rehabilitation centers are keeping bigger animals such as alligators and crocodiles, unlike here in PAWS, we will only be seeing rescued cats and dogs, although there are also rats. Upon hearing their story, the reason why their area and materials are limited because they only created this through donations and funds.

paws cats and dogs

As of this day, there are 135 cats and 72 dogs in PAWS. According to PAWS, these number increases everyday as everyday, there are cats and dogs that need to be rescued. Actually, the shelter can’t contain all of them due to little space so PAWS is asking help from us by adopting and fostering them. These pets truly deserve a new home and a new family.

paws clinic

The only air-conditioned room in PAWS is their clinic. As what I’ve heard from the volunteer who toured us around, all the materials inside this room are donated by people with good hearts. But despite of that, these materials are complete and enough to cure their rescued animals. Aside from that, they offer clinic services for the pets outside this shelter. Perhaps, it is also here where they perform spay and neuter. For those who don’t know, spaying involves the removal of the uterus and ovaries of female dogs and cats while neutering is done by removing the testicles of the male ones. PAWS promotes these process since it reduces the number of homeless pets, improve pet’s health and reduce their unruly behavior.

paws cemetery

I thought this was a gallery of photos of the dogs and cats living here from afar but, believe it or not, it is a cemetery for them.

paws cattery

This is PAWS cattery. What a lazy day for cats today! They are all resting. Maybe they just finished their lunch because it was 12:30 in the afternoon when we visited them. Somehow, there are cats who wants to meet us. Let’s start with Tywin.

paws tywin the cat

Did I read his name tag right? This photo didn’t just captured but he’s reaching my hand! Oh lovely boy! Maybe he knows that I’m in need of a cuddling companion.

paws cat

Staring at him is his furry friend whose name can not be seen. I’m sure he’s a boy because PAWS gives blue collars and tags to male cats and pink ones to female cats. I truly appreciated his welcome with a meow.

Paws queen the cat

I don’t know if I read her name tag correctly but she is Queen. She’s like a boss sitting in this cage with a what-are-these-folks-doing-in-our-shelter stare. I can’t help but catch this moment of hers.

paws feral cat

Who says that this cutie is a bad luck? You don’t know how lucky her future family will be. Although I assume that he’s a feral cat because he’s outside the cages and he has no name tag. Yes, feral cats are also welcome in PAWS.

paws feeding cats

It is past lunch but still, there are cats who are as hungry as me. As what PAWS stated on their Instagram account, these babies are fed twice a day to ensure that they are at their healthiest and happiest when they got adopted.

paws feline quarantine

This is the feline quarantine of PAWS. Residing here are the kittens with ages six months or younger that needs to be isolated from the others, I think, because they just came out from the clinic. I’m not sure though.

paws kitten

One of the kittens in the feline quarantine is this adorable calico cat. With that looks, you’ll be an actor someday, baby. He’s so photogenic making this photo my favorite.

paws feline with special needs

In PAWS, there is a special place for feline with special needs. It makes me cry that some of the cats staying here have an FIV or Feline immunodeficiency virus. Please don’t hide just because your eye has problem. You’re still beautiful.

paws dogrun

Dog lovers, your quite long wait is over because here are the dogs of PAWS. If cats has cattery, then dogs have dog run! By the look in their eyes, I can say that they are asking for donations like dog foods and cat foods.

paws patty the dog

I’m glad that Patty can now manage to live with the normal aspins despite of the fact that she can no longer use her two back legs. Her caretakers told us that they decided not to cut of her back legs because she’s already used to it.

Paws Brandon the dog

In the canine quarantine of PAWS, a poor dog named Brandon lives. It’s difficult for him to use his back legs. I don’t know what exactly happened to him but I feel pity whenever I lend my eyes on him, especially when I see him walking.

paws max the dog

I didn’t hear Max’s story on why he is also in the canine quarantine because I’m busy taking photos of them. However, upon looking at his face, I can view the struggles he is going through.

paws spot the dog

When we entered their land, Spot welcomed us with his tail wagging and face smiling. It’s hard to believe that he was found thrown away like a garbage with a rotting mouth. How could someone do that?

paws allen the dog

According to PAWS Instagram, Allen was severely neglected. Not a single hair on his body and crusty mange all over his skin when he was rescued. Don’t worry, Allen. You’re at PAWS now which means you’re in good hands.

paws wacku the dog

Who’s that dog barking? I can’t believe that it was Wacku, an aspin who broke his snout. I felt his happiness when he saw us. And I am happy, too, because he still lives a normal dog life even without a snout.

paws kahlua the dog

And the star of the day was Kahlua. He was born with a calcium deficiency which makes him unable to stand up. His caretaker made him a so-called wheelchair to so he can somehow walk.

ane king in paws
© Kathleen Duazo

In spite of his rare condition, he remains sweet and friendly yet aggressive that’s why I can’t get a clearer photo with him. I feel proud of all the animals here in PAWS. They are all fighters!

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