Wingstop: Wing It All The Way

Everyone knows that I’m a hater of chicken. But Wingstop let me love one part of it – the wings! All thanks to Belle De Jour! Without their coupons, perhaps, I’ll just ignore this chicken restaurant. Without it, I won’t have a hangout spot whenever I go to Bonifacio Stopover or Glorietta with friends. Yes! I already claimed it as my hangout spot because aside from their succulent chicken wings that makes me drool every time I pass by, the ambiance is cozy, the interior design is attractive, the spot is clean and the staff is efficient. I think I brought the most number of friends in this place.

All the way from Texas, Wingstop brings us what we crave. What’s the first thing I noticed on their menu? They have a lot of wing flavors to choose from. They are lined up from the least spicy to the spiciest. And because I frequent in Wingstop, I think I’ve already tried them all. Customers can have their wings classic or batter-fried. No matter what you prefer, they’re both delish. But Wingstop isn’t limited to wings. They also offer boneless chicken, tenders, drumsticks, chicken sandwich, rice meals, sides and desserts.


Hickory Smoked BBQ and Honey BBQ

Honestly, I can’t determine the difference between their Hickory Smoked BBQ Wings and Honey BBQ Wings. At first bite, both have the same flavor. I also notice that they have the same color and texture. However, I love these two flavors because they are both sweet yet the savor of the barbecue flavor is still there. I love it to the point that I didn’t just licked the bones but also the plastic glove I was wearing. These two flavors are also my boyfriend’s favorite.


Garlic Parmesan and Lemon Pepper

Unlike the first two Wingstop flavors I presented, the Garlic Parmesan Wings and Lemon Pepper Wings are dry rub. This made me notice the wings itself which is absolutely crispy. The Garlic Parmesan reached my expectation while the Lemon Pepper is new to my palate. I can’t resist the citrus zing. However, the flavors are only skin deep. But I think it’s fine because the skin and the chicken meat has their own flavor which I enjoy.


Texas Style Fries and Onion Rings


What I love about Wingstop is the fact that offer an affordable meal that includes a choice of side apart from the four pieces of wings. Among the sides, I like their Texas Style Fries the most. It is the fat kind which enables me to feel the richness and texture of a potato. The Onion Rings are pretty good as well but it makes me cloy after a few munches due to the excess oil. I also tried their Cheesy Nachos but it’s more of oniony nachos, if there’s such a word, than cheesy nachos.


Chicken Tenders and Cheese Dip

Okay! This isn’t wings anymore so what do you expect from my review. But don’t worry. I tried to absorb the flavor of their chicken tenders so I won’t have a biased judgment. It tasted fine for a chicken hater. What more for a chicken lover, right? Anyway, I think that the hint of chilliness adds to its goodness. But I recommend the dip. We had their cheese dip and it blends perfectly with the tenders. It’s actually better with the cheese dip.


S’mores and Ice Cream

Before I proceed to the dessert, may I say something about their rice? Whenever I bring friends to Wingstop, I don’t recommend their rice because it’s cloying. I can’t finish the food with it. I wish they have plain rice. But I’m thankful that they have desserts to release my disgust. They have S’mores which tastes more like brownies from Brownies Unlimited and Ice Cream which tastes like ice cream from Dan Eric’s. Although these food are comparable from outside products, I can’t get enough of them.

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