Alaskan Malamute: The Enormous Clingy


I keep on telling my parents that I want a Husky. I want a Husky. I want a Husky! But guess what they bought – bigger, bolder and fiercer version of Husky. Alaskan Malamute is a large breed of domestic dog, that is originally bred as a sled dog in the Arctic. When I first saw our Alaskan Malamute, I was impressed on its massive size. Actually, I tried riding on its back and he can carry me for at least two seconds. Well, I understand that he’s not into back riding. He’s into sledding, remember? And when our family had our first Alaskan Malamute named Captain, we want more! We bought one girl named Dana and a boy named Astro.

At first glance, you will really be fascinated on its wolf-like appearance, other than its massive size. In fact, in some foreign movies, Malamutes are also celebrities wherein they play as a wolf. So basically, Mals have black nose, erect ears, small dark brown eyes, deep chest and strong, well-muscled body. You should be careful on their large bearlike paws because one time, Astro’s foot stepped mine and it’s so heavy! Their double coat, colored in the combination of either white, light gray, black, sable or red, is the reason why they are compared to Huskies. From what I know, its double coat protects itself from elements like moisture and dirt. Malamutes stands well but I don’t think that they run well, or is it just our dog? Perhaps, they are still puppies that’s why they run that way, because as I watch Malamutes on Youtube, they’re okay in running. Hmm, I don’t know. Anyways, there’s a photo below for you to stop wondering what they really look like.


Although Mals are quite different from the other dogs, they also need the same treatment except for the bath and grooming. Even if you only bathe them once a month, they’ll stay clean and odorless. How come? Just like cats, they can keep themselves clean since they have an oily top coat that helps repel the dirt and moisture. Frequent brushing is still a must and trimming of fur is not acceptable.  Thick nails require regular trimming and teeth should be brushed regularly. Also, check ears weekly for accumulated dirt or wax. And please don’t forget their exercise. They need long daily walks. But be careful not to overdo it in warm weather. Remember that they are Arctic dogs that can live 70 degrees below zero, so they should be put into cold places.

Everyone’s first impression to Alaskan Malamutes is that they are scary. But surprise, it’s the opposite way! Because of their extreme loyalty and intelligence, I bet you can’t hide your affectionate-being. They are great companion inside your house to the point that you can leave your children who are old enough with them. Not just kids, Mals can get along with different types of dog. But don’t ever leave them alone inside your house. They might destroy your furnitures and figurines without noticing it. According to, the Alaskan Malamute needs early socialization to people and dogs as well as basic obedience training to grow up to be a well-adjusted, mentally healthy dog. Despite of their fierce faces and massive sizes, they are not suitable as guard dogs. They are too friendly and sweet for that kind of job. Their ability is to carry heavy freight because of their tireless strength and effortless endurance and not to guard, okay? Just give your Malamutes consistent love and they will return many years of love. And oh, also, give them warm hugs because they love them, just like Olaf do.

So, if you were to pick a dog, choose this huge yet sweet, Mal!

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