swardspeak 101 the bekimon language

In one of our Filipino subjects, we were tasked to make a paper about the language of one Filipino sector. And which sector did our group choose? Homosexual guys! Their language is just the most interesting of all. When we hear womanish Filipino boys talking, we are amused and sometimes, we find ourselves using their language, too. That’s why we picked their sector for our paper. And I think it would be awesome to share our paper to my readers for us to better understand their language – Bekimon, Bekinese, Gay Lingo or formally known as Swardspeak.

Since Swardspeak is composed of slang words, it means that their language is temporary and subject to change. And although they have created their own words, it’s easy for their fellow Filipinos to understand their slang terms since they were generated from Filipino words, too. There are different ways on how they did that. First is by changing the first syllable of a word to jo or ju. Take jolalay and juntis as an example. Second way is by changing the end of the word to ey, ech, ush, er and ur like waley, itech, babush, haler and balur respectively. They also add bels to the word like mudrabels. They are so crazy that they define the Filipino words as other words that sound like them. An example of this is liberty which means libre, pagoda cold wave lotion which simply means pagod and antibiotic which means antipatiko. And lastly, they also use the name of celebrities for Filipino words such as Debbie Gibson for the word give, Mahlia Jackson for the word mahal and Rita Gomez for the word naiirita while their other words just came out of nowhere.

Witty, right? I know you want to know more about the Bekimon language. But first, let me thank my beautiful friend here, Eric Andrei Marcelino.


© Eric Marcelino


1. Borlog – tulog

Borlog na ang mga baklush. (Tulog na ang mga bakla.)


2. Chaka – pangit

Ang chaka ng papable niya. (Ang pangit ng boyfriend niya.)


3. Charo Santos Conscious – conscious

Nakaka-Charo Santos Conscious si crush! (Nakaka-conscious si crush!)


4. Crayola cry or iyak

Nagka-crayola ang jowabels mes. (Umiiyak ang girlfriend mo.)


5. Echosera – sinungaling or feelinggera

Napakaechosera mes! (Napakafeelinggera mo!)


6. Egyptian Airlines – jeep

Doonek na lang akes sasakay sa Egyptian Airlines. (Doon na lang ako sasakay sa jeep.)


7. Feslak – mukha or face

Anech ginagamit mes sa feslak mes? (Anong ginagamit mo sa mukha mo?)


8. Flylalou – lumipad

Akech ay may lobing na na-flylalou sa heaven. (Ako ay may lobo na lumipad sa langit.)


9. Gora – go

Gora na mga sisteret! (Go na mga sisters!)


10. Hagardo Versoza – haggard

Hagardo Versoza na ang lola mes. (Haggard na ang lola mo.)

11. Imberna Gandhi – galit

Imberna Gandhi akes sayez! (Galit ako sa’yo!)


12. Jenet – init

Ang jenet naman ditech sa Pinas! (Ang init naman dito sa Pinas!)


13. Jombag – suntok

Isang jombag kech lang, tumbang preso ka nes. (Isang suntok ko lang, tumba ka na.)


14. Jontis – buntis

Sinech nakajontis sa junakis mes? (Sinong nakabuntis sa anak mo?)


15. Jovani Calvo – baba

I-kluk mo na itey at Jojovani Calvo na akes. (Ihinto mo na ito at bababa na ako.)


16. Julamantrax – halaman

Ang julamantrax sa balur kuberch ay anek anek. (Ang halaman sa bahay kubo ay sari sari.)


17. Junakis – anak

Gandarabels naman ng junakis mes. (Ang ganda naman ng anak mo.)


18. Jun Polistico – pulis

Super surroundings na si girlalu ng mga Jun Polistico. (Napapaligiran na ang babae ng mga pulis.)


19. Julie Vega – huli

Na-Julie Vega ng mga Jun Polistico ang boylet. (Nahuli ng mga pulis ang lalaki.)


20. Karu – car o sasakyan

Mahlia Jackson naman paley ng iyong karu. (Ang mahal naman pala ng iyong sasakyan.)

21. Karmi Martin – karma

Nakaka-Imberna Gandhi siya! Ma-Karmi Martin sana siya! (Nakakainis siya! Makarma sana siya!)


22. Klapeypey – palakpak

Napa-klapeypey akes sa havey mong echos. (napa-palakpak ako sa nakakatawa mong joke.)


23. Kluk – hinto

I-kluk mo na there ang karu. (Ihinto mo na diyan ang sasakyan.)


24. Krug – sira

Ateng, krug na ang shipangga. (Ate, sira na ang barko.)


25. Lafangertz – pagkain

I-liberty mes akech ng lafangerts. (Ilibre mo ako ng pagkain.)


26. Sinech – sino

Sinech itey tarush na girlalu? (Sino itong mataray na babae?)


27. Shogu-shoguan – tagu-taguan

Shogu-shoguan, ning ning galore ng buwan. Pag-counting ng krompu, naka-shogu na kayey. (Tagu-taguan, maliwanag ang buwan. Pagbilang ng sampu, nakatago na kayo.)


28. Skulembang – school

Bet kong italak sayez na witit makakajosok sa skulembang si junakis ngayonchi. (Gusto kong sabihin sa’yo na hindi makakapasok sa school ang anak ko ngayon.)


29. Tom Jones – gutom

Tara lafang. Tom Jones na akech eh. (Tarang kumain. Gutom na ako eh.)


30. Variables – barya

Waley akes Manny Pacquiao, variables lang. (Wala akong pera, barya lang.)