Beauty Uses Of Tea Bags

beauty uses of tea bags

Brewed tea coming from tea bags helps improve our inner health. It lowers the risk of cancer and heart diseases, boosts brain function, looses fats, releases toxins inside the body, prolongs life and more. But, don’t throw your tea bags yet after brewing and drinking because its benefits don’t end there. It is so amazing that tea bags can also enhance our outer health, not just the inner part of our body. So for girls who wish to maintain their physical beauty in a natural and affordable way, just like me, read on and you will definitely welcome tea bags in your life from now on.


Puffy Eye Remedy

tea bags as puffy eye remedy

tea bag as puffy eye remedy

I remember last term, my friends in school often noticed the puff under my eyes. Now, they noticed that they’re almost gone! Maybe, now’s the time to reveal my secret. The bag that you put on your cup is the solution to reduce the bag under your eyes! Place wet tea bags on your eyes for 20 minutes.


Body Detox

tea bags as detox bath


After passing streets of smoke, heat and dirt, its absolutely refreshing to lie in a tub of warm water. But warm water isn’t enough. Drop bags of tea into it. I got this tip from Life Hacks which says that this bath will detox your body, relax you and give your skin a bountiful amount of minerals.


Foot Soak

tea bags as foot soak

tea bag as foot soak

Your feet should also have their own bath to avoid having smelly feet. But I guess my feet don’t have a foul odor. Nevertheless, no matter how your pleasant or bad your feet’s odor is, leaving them on a basin of brewed tea for 20 minutes while scrubbing is a good practice.


Facial Toner

tea bags as facial toner

tea bag as facial toner

Back then, I’m really in need of a face wash designed to cleanse my skin and shrink the appearance of my pores. However, I refuse to use those facial toner in the market which are chemically made. Glad that I found that tea bags can be a substitute by wiping one on your trouble zones.


Hand Scrub

tea bags as hand scrub

tea bag as hand scrub

One thing that you should include in your grocery baskets no more is the stock of hand scrubs. You don’t have to spend tons of money for these, ladies, because the tea bags you are about to throw are better hand scrubs than those products, well, not really the tea bags, but the tea leaves inside it.


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