Best Of Jack ‘N Jill

Best of Jack n Jill

When we are hungry, we eat. When we are stressed, we eat. When we are tired, we eat. When we are lonely, we eat. When we are angry, we eat. When we are happy, we eat. In every emotions we feel, the next thing we always do is to eat. And most of the time, snacks are what we are looking for. Eating snacks is every teenager’s favorite. They are an important part of everyone’s life, especially mine. Salty, sweet, fillers, and pleasure items – they make up the snack world. But I prefer light snacks. I prefer Jack ‘n Jill snacks! With the desired quality ingredients, Jack ‘n Jill offers convenience foods that will satisfy your appetite, even in just small amount of delights.

Jack ‘n Jill is a savory snacks in the Philippines industry pioneered by Universal Rubina Corporation. For more than 40 years, Jack ‘n Jill offers a vast choices of snacks that are carefully created to suit your desired tastes. We could remember how this name started with a kiddie treat, Jack ‘n Jill Pretzels, and now, we could see how big this brand is with different food categories, such as biscuits, cookies, potato snacks, savory snacks, seafood snacks, sweet snacks, chocolates, candies and baked goods, they provide.

With this, I would like to enumerate my top ten favorite snacks among their growing number of products.


10. Cream O

cream o

Perfectly luscious and absolutely heavenly, CreamO cookies are among the simplest luxuries in life.


9. Choco Knots

choco knots

My favorite baon ever since I was in kindergarten.


8. Brownie Crunch

Brownie Crunch

I always want to buy this in Brownies. I’m glad that Jack ‘n Jill have an alternative which is as good as it.


7. Magic Chips

magic chips

In this chips, food lovers will taste magic that brings enjoyment to them.


6. Chiz Curls

Chiz Curls

This is just a perfect cheesy snack that melts in my mouth.


5. Fun Fries

fun fries

Express your love for fries with this Jack ‘n Jill version of Fun Fries.


4. Chicharon ni Mang Juan

chicharon ni mang juan

Chicharon ni Mang Juan gives the most excellent flavors just like my favorite, Sugpo.


3. Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster

Just like a kid, I like to play this Roller Coaster snack as much as I like to eat it.


2. V-cut


Everytime we go for groceries, V-cut will never be out of our cart. We buy not just one, but ten!


1. Pic-A


The best chips of Jack ‘n Jill, Piattos, Nova and Tostillas, in one. I must say that this mix is best for picnics.

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