Best Of Yeng Constantino

best of yeng constantino

It was 2006 since Yeng Constantino started her career by being the first Grand Star Dreamer. Since then, she has been loved by a lot of her fans because of the music that she makes. Even me, I admire this Pop Rock Princess because she just don’t sing, she also write her songs. And the reason why people love her songs is because of its meaning and the way it relates to listeners. As we listen to Yeng Constantino’s songs, we can feel her heart in it and from its lyrics. This made this dreamer achieves the success she aims. Now, from her albums, Salamat, Journey, Lapit, Metamorphosis and All About Love, below are my Yeng’s song choice.


10. Jeepney Love Story

Ayoko nang pumara kahit san mapunta
Ayoko nang pumara kung ikaw ang kasama
Ayoko nang pumara

I can remember when we used to sing this song and reenact its music video. It’s so wonderful! Who would have thought that you could make a love story once you ride in a jeepney.


9. B.A.B.A.Y.

Ang dali kayang magsabi ng babay
Ang dali kayang magsabi ng babay
Ang dali kayang magsabi ng babay

When you just listen to it randomly, it seems that it is a simple song just for fun. But if you will hear it properly through its words, you will find out slight “hugot” meaning in it. For those people who went away like a bubble, it’s easy to say goodbye.


8. Cool Off

Wag mong isipin na hindi kana mahal
Sarili ko`y hahanapin ko lang
At ang panahon at ang oras ng aking pagkawala
Ay para rin sa ating dalawa

If the “hugot” of B.A.B.A.Y. is just slight, I think, the “hugot” of Cool Off is intense. Giving someone a space or time is like saying goodbye to them because you know that it’s like breaking up.


7. Lapit

Lapit sa akin
At huwag matakot ka
Papawiin ang luha
Ulan ay titila na

We used this song during our El Filibusterismo play during the time when Simoun knew that Maria Clara was gone. His friend dedicated this song to him informing that a friend like him is just there to confront him.


6. Ikaw

Ikaw, ikaw ang pag-ibig na binigay
Sa akin ng may kapal biyaya ka sa buhay ko
Ligaya’t pag-ibig ko’y ikaw

We all know that this song is made for Yeng and her husband. It sounds she’s singing in her wedding vow. Her fans are so happy for her that she finally found her Mr. Right and the Man of most if not all of her songs.


5. Habambuhay

Habambuhay, ikaw at ako ang magkasama
Sa hirap at ginhawa
Habambuhay, sumpa ko’y ikaw lang walang iba
Pangako ko ito, habambuhay

Habambuhay translated in English is forever. Most Filipinos don’t believe in forever anymore based on what they are experiencing. Well, they should hear this song of Yeng because, I think, this will change their mind.


4. Wag Na

Wag ka nang mangamba
Wag magalala, luha’y huhupa
Kahit masakit pa
Parang bibigay na, luha’y huhupa

I saw a quote saying that letting go is the hardest thing to do. But of course, learning to let go is part of loving. It is needed because there are other people wherein you need to give your attention. Look at its music video. It’s as beautiful as the song.


3. Pag-Ibig

Ang pag-ibig, hindi parang pagkain
‘Pag pinagsawaan, pamimigay nalang
Ang pag-ibig, hindi parang pusa
Pag maingay, ililigaw nalang

Different meanings of love is here! I hope that he hears this. Kidding! By the way, the music video is so cute, as well as Yeng in the video. This song proves that Yeng don’t just make adorable music, but meaningful as well.


2. Time In

Ako si Darna, ako ang dyosa
Ako ang talang nagniningning sa kalangitan
Ako si Wonder Woman, ako ang superstar
Akin ang sandali, ako ang reyna ng gabi

I always sing this in videoke. My friends know that. Sometimes, we jump and shout the lyrics while this song is playing. Time In is just so lively and cool. That’s what we love about it.


1. Pangarap Lang

Sasakay ako sa aking pangarap basta`t
Ang kasama ko`y ikaw may liwanag
Sasakay ako sa aking pangarap hangga`t
Ang laman ng puso ko`y ikaw may liwanag

Ever since Yeng won in Pinoy Dream Academy and showcased her composed songs, Pangarap Lang caught my heart. I don’t know why, actually. Just listen to the song and maybe, you’ll know.

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