Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo Movie Review

bonifacio ang unang pangulo movie review

I admit that I didn’t watch Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo in cinema because it was shown last December 2014, and by that time, I was in my province, where there are only two cinemas which played Vice Ganda’s and Vic Sotto’s. I also missed it when it was reopened last November 2015 in commemoration of Bonifacio Day because I have no pal. I thought I wouldn’t have a chance to witness the life of a revolutionary leader in a film until ABS-CBN announced that they would be putting the movie on appearance on Independence Day, together with Heneral Luna, which was shown last Saturday. I saw the light and I was as excited as a chocoholic in a Hershey factory! You don’t understand. That’s two big movies in one weekend for free and not from piracy!

Since I watch them both on two consecutive days, I can’t help but compare the two historical movies. Well, for me, it is not as vicious as Heneral Luna, which causes Heneral Luna to be more interesting. Maybe, the said television network cut some scenes which are inappropriate for general audience, that’s why. I observed that it is not as realistic as Heneral Luna, too, especially to the fire and death scenes. However, its cinematography is way more brilliant than most of the Filipino films out there. In fact, the framing and camera work could level Hollywood movies. However, I don’t understand why they switch filters on the same scene.

By the way, Robin Padilla gave justice to the character of Bonifacio. His action skills simply suit. But sometimes, he wasn’t able to control his voice as I hear some modernism in his lines. Vina Morales, on the other hand, just proved how flexible and talented she is. Her acting shined despite of her minimal scenes. Putting the two actors together as a couple, I must say that after their last team up, the sparks between them didn’t decrease.My parents still love seeing them together! Talking about the modern students in the movie, their take on the movie was just fine. Besides, they’re just there to pull teenage audience, I believe. The movie will still be great without them, though.

I guess, it is the story itself of Andres Bonifacio that made the film phenomenal. The movie gave the people of this generation, especially those who aren’t into books, an access to travel through the history of the Philippines. And as what the character of Daniel Padilla said, the secrets that most textbooks aren’t telling to us which includes why the leader of Katipunan should be the first president of the Philippines, was revealed. Discovering this, it came to my realization that the problem of Filipinos opposing themselves already started way back 1800s. I don’t know if we should celebrate Independence Day, knowing that the real problem back then wasn’t solved yet. But I salute Andres Bonifacio for giving the freedom we deserve although he doesn’t deserve his death. I wish to learn more about our history through films but sadly, our movie industry, which focuses more on romance and comedy, lacks movies with this genre. I thank Philippians Productions and Enzo Williams for creating one.


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