Bravo Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant!


Bravo Conti’s! For almost 20 years, you had a splendid job in creating and serving food reminiscent of the convenience and comforting warmth of one’s own home, as what you’ve stated in your mission. I can see that because I, myself, received the joy and satisfaction whenever I come into your stores, eat your creative food and up until I walk out of your home with a take-out. First thing to notice is their interior and environment, which is so cozy. This is the reason why I like to build memories of togetherness with my family and friends in this place.

Well, aside to the restaurant itself, it is their unique products that really causes their customers to dine in Conti’s again and again. They have this secret talent of tweaking food and producing their own version! A popular example is their signature dish, Baked Salmon, which is a Norwegian pink salmon baked with their very own topping and served with side salad of greens in season, and Paella rice.

But Baked Salmon wasn’t only the star in this place. In fact, they already had more than 150 sought-after dishes as of now. Their bakeshop menu ranges from breads, pies, dips and dressings to cakes, cookies and sweets. On the other hand, they had a wide selection of products in its restaurant menu, too, which spans from appetizers, salads and main courses of beef, chicken, pork and seafood to pasta, sandwiches and desserts. And among this long list, here’s what we ordered.


Mango Bravo

mango bravo

Starting the mouthwatering food blog post with the famous Mango Bravo, a tall cake layered with meringue wafers, mousse, frozen mangoes, whipped cream and cashew nuts. When we enter Conti’s, every table has a slice of it or when there is a birthday celebration, it’s always present.  It’s obvious that everyone likes it, including me! And right now, I’m starting to crave for it.


Cashew Brownies

cashew brownies

Speaking of crave, I had an unintentional craving moment with Conti’s Cashew Brownies. Actually, this box was supposed to be my gift for my parents in our province. But because the cashew nuts and the sparkling glaze on top was so inviting, there was nothing left for my parents! I ate this in one seating! I couldn’t imagine how chewy and rich it is in chocolate flavor.


Lemon Square

lemon square

So I ended up buying another box of different bar, which is this lemon square. It is as delicious as the brownies but this time, I was thankful that I was able to restrain myself from eating more than one bar, although I was wanting more. I admire how they balance the tang flavor of the lemon and the sweetness of the bread. I’m going to buy this today so I could eat more of this!


Almond Choco Sans Rival

almond choco san rival

Cakes are indeed Conti’s expertise! Excluding Mango Bravo, I can’t identify which is better than the other because they are all perfect whether it is a sans rival, a torte, a cheesecake, a pie, a cheesecake, a tart, a mousse, a shortcake, a tiramisu or a simple cake regardless of the flavor. But since I’m biased to almonds, chocolates and sans rivals individually, here’s their Choco Almond Sans Rival.


Cinnamon Swirls

cinnamon swirls

Let me end the first half or the bakeshop menu with their cinnamon swirl. I must say that it is one of the best cinnamon bread in town. It’s so soft that I wanna pinch it hard! It’s full of flavor as the top part of the buns is filled with cinnamon. Also, it goes well with their Mocha Frappe which is at the end of this blog post.


Salmon Burger

salmon burger

Wow! Their fries is so good! Anyway, I appreciate the salmon patty on my first bite and maybe, on my second, too. I admire the idea of transforming their specialty, salmon, into a patty. It proves that burgers can be a healthy snack. But on the next bites, I already get used to it. I think, I’ll just go back with the fries. Don’t worry! I finished the burger.


Beef Burger

beef burger

My brother also ordered for a burger. Why? I wished he had another meal because first of all, I already had a burger which I could share with him, and second, it’s not that satisfying. The patty is dry and there’s no sauce that can somehow make it juicy. The tomato sauce is for the fries, obviously, because it’s not in a ketchup dispenser. I tried spreading it on the burger, though, but I can’t.


Symphony Salad

symphony salad

Does Conti’s lack generosity when it comes to salads or do they just want us to maintain our diet? Their crab salad, which I ordered through delivery and is not here, also has a small serving. Anyway, not considering the serving, their Symphony Salad, which is a combination of diced apples, tomatoes, grapes, eggs, almonds and greens, tasted pretty good.


Halo Halo Junior

halo halo junior

I’m aware that Conti’s have two sizes of halo halo but I didn’t expect their Halo Halo Junior to be as small as this. The smallest cup of halo halo in the carinderia near us is a lot cheaper yet it is bigger and has more ingredients. But my friend beside me just reminded me that we’re paying for the brand. Okay then! My mom still buys the bigger ones though because she’s a halo halo addict.


Mocha Frappe

mocha frappe

And me? I’m obsessed to coffee! However, the only frappe they have is Mocha Frappe so I had no choice but to order that. Don’t get me wrong. I’m fine with it, of course, because it’s caffeine and all. It’s just that the sweetness overpowered the drink. It’s a good thing that there is a serving water that I can pour to it to reduce the sweetness. I was happy with my frappe after that.

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