Philippines Candies

Candies Made From The Philippines

Covered with catchy wrappers, candies are one of the favorites of the kids. I heard that some kids get coins from their mother’s pouch or father’s wallet just to buy candies they like. Candies are just one of the little essentials of children, even teens and adults. They can’t just resist indulging their favorite treat, right, guys? But I guess, they still haven’t tried the candies made from the Philippines, even the candy lovers, or maybe, they tried but not as usual as their candies. Why don’t we give these candies a try?


Pastillas de Leche or Soft Milk Candy

pastillas de leche

Made from evaporated milk, Pastillas de Leche or Philippine Soft Milk Candy will always be in every Pasalubong stores in the Philippines because we are proud to have this as our delicacy.


Ube Candy or Purple Yam Candy

ube candy

Is Ube your favorite? Well, then, the Philippine version of Ube candy is now here. Unlike the other Ube candies, this one is not made of the flavorings but with real Ube.


Sampaloc or Tamarind Candy


There are many known Filipino food recipes that use tamarind or sampaloc as their main flavoring but nothing beats the sweet and sour candy itself.


Yema or Custard Candy


This soft and gooey custard candy that was created in the Philippines was my favorite candy when I was a kid. My friends and I loved this during our school recess, together with some snack items.


Macapuno Candy

Who would have thought that a coconut sport, a coconut mutant which has an abnormal development of the endosperm, can be a candy? Only in the Philippines!


Sweet Candy

sweet candy

Actually, I don’t know what this candy is called, but I consider it as a sweet candy because that is in its wrapper. By the way, if you see thin bars of sweet candy that comes into a variety of flavors, perhaps, this is it.


Rice Pop

rice pop

A candy made of rice? This became possible with the existence of rice pop. As you will see in actual rice pop, it looks like rice crispies that is puffed together. That’s why it’s called rice pop.




I can’t see any Panangan in Google, so I can’t find out what this delicacy is made of. I wish I asked the storekeeper about Panangan because it taste good just like the other candies.


Panutsa or Peanut Brittle

peanut brittle

As we pass by the pier of Batangas, we can see a lot of Panutsa, a delicacy of Batangas. In other places, we can see other peanut brittle but Panutsa is different because it is made from adobo peanut.


Polvoron or Powdered Milk Candy


Powdered milk candies have been a huge favorite of mine. I can remember when I was middle school, I could consume a pack of it in one seating. The powder are littering anywhere when I eat but still, it’s so yummy!


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