Canon EOS 1200D

Canon EOS 1200D

If you’re a fan, no, not my fan but this page’s fan, and you’re reading my posts everyday, then you should have notice something in the pictures I am posting. If not, then, try to look back at my post’s pictures and try to compare the older ones to the newer ones. As we can see, they had improvements – from blurry to clear, from dull-colored to bright, from low quality to high quality. Its because of my new camera!

It’s not just the photo quality that improved, but also, the speed of camera option just like speed in focusing, speed in switching it on, speed in zooming and frame rate, which is¬†the number of frames per second a camera can take.¬†Flexibility is another area where my camera is good at.

I’m talking about Canon EOS 1200D! It’s the reason why my website is more colorful and lively than before. I must say that Canon really offers the best and trusted.

Canon 1

It’s focus is in you. Smile!

canon 2


To have a successful photo, patience is needed – patience in learning how to use this despite of many buttons.


canon 3

Say hi to my photographer, Mr. Tripod.

canon 4


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