How To Wear Stripes

How to wear stripes

Stripes – the most common clothing pattern of all. I think, its the first pattern I’m aware of because back when I was young, when I hear of patterns, stripes was the first thing that comes into my mind. Before florals, plaids, camouflages and others, there’s stripes, so it’s not forgotten. It’s everywhere. But even if it is very common, it catched our fashionable attention just like the first time we saw a striped fabric.

Now, the biggest trend is ready to be worn in multiple ways. Go ahead and have your own choice and style.


Striped Innerwear

1 innerwear

Do you have a striped polo in your closet and wear it again and again as it is? Well, there are many ways to style it up so it won’t look dull and it won’t be obvious that you’re wearing the same polo. As for me, I used it as an innerwear by matching it with a pure-colored outerwear. Shorts will complete the look so you’re ready for the weekend.

Top: Lee | Bottom: Next | Shoes: Crocs


Striped Jacket

2 jacket

You can also be fashionable during rainy season if you choose a jacket with blastful colored stripes. I’m just glad that we could pair this fabric to almost everything. But there are still rules on wearing it. Nowadays, people wear jacket even if the sun is scorching. Please don’t! You’ll look weird.


Striped Pencil Skirt

3 pencil skirt

Pencil skirts are not for office only. Keep that in mind. Patterned or striped pencil skirt can be glamorous when paired with informal tops and solid-colored pieces to focus attention on your one statement piece. But you have to choose between vertical which causes your legs to look longer or horizontal which causes it to look wider.


Striped Dress

4 dress

If you want to be semi-formal, you can have a striped dress, especially when it is black and white. It may be classic but this easy-to-wear dress is ready to be worn anywhere, from the least elegant to the most. Stay simple with a ponytail and accessories. Plain sandals will also do. No-frills look could turn you into a chic.


Striped Maxi Dress

5 maxi dress

Stripe iterations do exist as you can see. This striped maxi dress of mine makes me feel the summer which is perfect for today’s season. I’m glad that my mother has a wedge that is as colorful as this dress so I borrowed it for a while. This will help so that the fabulous vibes of the look won’t end.

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