Cantonese: The Authentic Chinese Dim Sum You Can Enjoy Anytime Anywhere

Cantonese Dimsum House is a Philippine-based snack bar that offers authentic Chinese dim sum products like siomai, shark’s fin, dumplings, and lumpiang shanghai. Branches of Cantonese are actually scattered in the metro but I discovered and eat these mouthwatering nibbles just in the food court neighboring my university called Agno Food Court or simply, Agno. I call Agno as the mini food park of DLSU since it gives an ambiance of being in a park and at the same time, the best food kiosks are gathered in this place. It’s actually not part of DLSU compound but since it is just beside the school, Lasallians somehow claim it as one of their canteens. Most students take their lunch and snacks here because the food are not just great, but also affordable. Food inside the school are a bit pricey so some prefer Agno.

I usually spend my lunch break in Agno and whenever I’m looking for a taste of dim sum, I go directly to Cantonese. Actually, it’s not just me. It’s the Lasallians’ choice when it comes to these dishes. In fact, Cantonese is one the food stalls in Agno that serves the longest line of customers since they offer dishes that is suitable for lunch and snack. Aside from dim sum itself, they also provide rice toppings, stir-fried noodles and noodle soup topped with your choice of dim sum.


Steamed Sharks Fin

Customers have a choice whether they want their dim sums to be fried or steamed. But since I was feeling healthy that time, I had a steamed sharks fin. There’s no word that could describe this dumpling other than delicious. It’s not just full of flavor but it’s literally full of meat. And the taste is more emphasized when dipped with their homemade soy sauce with calamondin and chili. And as always, their dim sums are larger than its normal size.


Steamed Shrimp Wonton with Rice

Cantonese steamed shrimp wonton plus rice plus calamondin and soy sauce is equal to perfection. Honestly, their dim sum rice combination is the reason why I come back to Cantonese. Their steamed shrimp wonton is simply delicious and flavorful that goes well with the rice. These four wontons are big enough to finish this cup of rice. And the sauce they provide just makes it more scrumptious.


Shrimp Puff Stir-fried Noodles

I thought that their stir-fried noodles section are better than their rice toppings section because noodles are my favorite and noodles are specialty of Chinese. However, if it seems like the sprouts have the same amount as the noodles, I would not want that. This is what I experienced in Cantonese’s Shrimp Puff Stir-fried Noodles. All I could taste and munch are the sprouts. Thankfully, it’s topped with shrimp puffs, which is just like a shrimp wonton inside a fried wrapper.


Japanese Siomai Noodle Soup

It was raining when I had this Japanese Siomai Noodle Soup so I was pleased with it. The noodles, the soup, the veggies – everything was delicious especially with the chili they serve, except for the Japanese Siomai. The dim sums are bigger than the normal size but I think I got a spoiled set. I finished the soup but not the siomai. Tummy will surely be satisfied since it’s mainly composed of water. But for my palate, it’s not that satisfying.


Butchi and Brownies

They also have desserts! I understand why they have butchi since it’s a Chinese food. But I wonder why they have brownies. Anyway, for the butchi, we have a choice of ube and lotus flavor. Of course, I had both so I can differentiate. But there’s not much to compare. Both are soft, chewy and surprisingly not oily. For the brownies, the crew let me choose the brownies. I was looking for the brownies with lots of nuts and I noticed that it’s amount isn’t consistent. But the brownies is great and sweet.

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