Clothing Care Symbols

clothing care symbols

As fashionistas, it’s not enough that we only know the trends and guides to be gorg and fab in our outfit. Of course, we should also be aware on how to take care of our clothes so that it will live longer and there might be forever – these clothes forever with us. Kidding aside, we, users of clothing, should fully understand the figures drawn on the small piece of fabric attached inside our shirt. Honestly, before knowing such thing, I am one of those people who ignore them. I even tore them because they prickles my back. But now, it’s necessary to read them first before tearing them so that we can go on to a better OOTDs. The question – what does each clothing care symbol mean?


You’re so late if you don’t use machine in washing your clothes in today’s generation. The following are the clothing care symbols related to machine wash.

Do not wash

machine wash do not wash


Hand wash

machine wash hand wash


Cold temperature

machine wash cold


Warm temperature

machine wash warm


Hot temperature

machine wash hot


Normal cycle

machine wash normal


Permanent press cycle

machine wash permanent press


Delicate cycle

machine wash delicate


We bleach to remove colors or stains. We bleach to whiten shirt. We bleach to disinfect. But still, we should be careful in doing that so here’s the clothing care symbols for bleaching.

Bleach when needed

bleach bleach when needed


Only non-chlorine bleach

bleach non-chlorine bleach


Do not bleach

bleach do not bleach


We, people, or washers specifically, want to do things in a rush like drying our clothes. Maybe, that’s the reason why dryers are invented. We just have to follow these clothing care symbols for dryer.

Do not dry in dryer

dryer do not dry in dryer


No heat

dryer no heat


Low heat

dryer low


Medium heat

dryer medium


High heat

dryer high


Any heat

dryer any heat and normal cycle


Normal cycle

dryer any heat and normal cycle


Permanent press cycle

dryer permanent press


Gentle cycle

dryer delicate


Aside from using dryer, there are also other ways to dry our garments. If you don’t know which one is the way, here are the clothing care symbols that will guide you in drying.

Hang dry

dry hang dry


Do not wring

dry do not wring


Dry flat

dry dry flat


After washing, bleaching, drying and all such things, expect your clothes to be wrinkly. And we don’t want that, right? Clothing care symbols for ironing are on your way to remove those wrinkles.

Do not iron

iron do not iron


No steam

iron no steam


Low temperature

iron low temperature


Medium temperature

iron medium temparature


High temperature

iron high temperature


Dry clean is any cleaning process for clothing and textiles using a chemical solvent other than water. However, does your clothes allow that? The clothing care symbols will answer the question.

Dry clean

dry clean


Do not dry clean

do not dry clean

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