Curling Hair With Nothing

Did you know that you can curl your hair with nothing, I mean, without using curlers, rollers, hair irons, curling wands or stuff like that? Yes! I already knew this ever since I was in grade school that’s why I assumed that the process is already common. During grade school and middle school, when we have nothing in our hands, we just curl our hair with itself. However, when I googled “Curling Hair with Nothing”, I also found nothing. Does that mean that we are the only ones who know this technique? Well, it deserves to be shared.


1. Before curling my hair, I first washed it so I can curl it while it is damp. Comb to remove tangles.


2. Layer and separate your outer hair from your inner hair with a clip. If you really want to stick of having nothing in curling, then you can skip this step.


3. Among the hair inside, get a small strand.


4. Loop that strand once near the scalp with two fingers, preferably middle and index fingers.


5. Then twirl the remaining part of the strand, the part below your fingers, to the part of the strand above your fingers.


6. Insert the tip of that strand between your middle and index fingers and pull your fingers out of the loop, together with the tip of the hair strand.


7. Pull the tip to lock the rolled hair.


8. Do this on the rest of the strands of your inner hair.


9. Remove the clip holding your outer hair and get one strand.


10. Loop, twirl, insert and pull.


11. Continue this process up to the last hair strand.


12. Apply hairspray. I’m showing just like how girls in makeup tutorials do. If you really want to stick of having nothing in curling, you can skip this step.


13. Blow dry your hair and rest it for a few minutes. If you really want to stick of having nothing in curling, again, you can skip this step, but make sure that your hair is really dry when you pull it out.


14. I usually leave it like this overnight, but today, I’m really excited to have this curl. Unleash the curls by gently pulling rolled hair strands outward.


15. Once you’re done, you can now enjoy your curls.

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