La La Land Movie Review

la la land movie review

We entered the cinema with a traffic jam on the screen. Then, suddenly, drivers and passengers are simultaneously bouncing their head into the beat of the background music. I was reaching for my seat when a lady stood up in the movie and started dancing on a bridge full of vehicles. Anticipated passengers leaped from their cars and followed her steps. They all jazzed as they turned the traffic jam into a dance jam. Shocks! A musical film was about to begin and I was so excited!

La La Land tells the love story of two aspiring artists – one jazz pianist who wants to open his own jazz club and one struggling actress who fails in every audition she attends. Sebastian presented the beauty of jazz to Mia while Mia explained her passion for acting. Interested to each other’s works and dreams, they supported each other as the chemistry built between them. Sebastian became successful but did not enjoy his band’s music because of its pop-oriented style. On the other hand, only few people attended Mia’s single-actress play and even heard dismissive comments about it. Because of these, the two got complications and misunderstandings. They decided to stop their relationship so they can devote to their careers and opportunities that are coming up. They profess they will always love each other but are uncertain of their future.

I must say the the plot is new, engaging and shows reality, but it’s not that strong to the point that we can’t forget it. It has a sad ending which makes it more emotional for a musical film. Sebastian and Mia met again after five years in a jazz club named Seb’s. They were both successful in achieving their dreams. Sebastian was singing and playing jazz music in his own club, Seb’s, while Mia was a famous actress and was married to another man. It’s obvious that they still loved each other as the two imagined what might happen if their relationship worked perfectly. But all they could just do was to share a smile to each other.

I admit that I am one of the reasons that causes extinction to jazz music nowadays since I’m more of a pop and rock person. But I also admit that La La Land’s music fascinated me. Another Day of Sun was a catching introduction. I almost danced to Someone in the Crowd. What I appreciate about A Lovely Night is the emotions and humorous actions the two singers gave to the song. The piano pieces of Sebastian, which I can’t recall the names, are something that will make you smile even without watching the scene while Audition brought me to tears. But most of all, City of Stars is the song that can’t get out of my mind. It has full of meaning and feelings. It sounded genuine.

However, La La Land didn’t just show its brilliance in music. The creators proved they have the real talent in producing motion pictures as they lead me to a magical world. The visuals just kept me dreaming. It was absolutely stunning and dazzling. I’m really looking forward to films as great as La La Land.

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