Deaf Mute Sign Language

Deaf Mute Sign Language

We all know that sign language is the combination of manual communication and body language to convey meaning. They are frequently used by deaf mute people. I enjoy watching the people using this as I get distracted from listening to news or mass. One time, as I ride a jeepney, I saw two people communicating through sign language and all eyes inside were on them. I was about to free my smile when I realized that they are having a fight. I actually don’t know. Okay, that was just a sharing.

Well, I got this idea from my deaf mute friend from Singapore. My friends and I were amazed on his ability to read words from our lips. He can understand us, but we can’t understand his sign language. With that, he taught some words using sign language. Aside from the inspiration that deaf mute people give, I found out that their language was interesting. Believe me, you’ll enjoy learning sign language. Let’s start with the basic – the letters of the alphabet and few words I got from my friend.





Good morning

good morning

Put your open left hand upward and place your open right hand above your the middle of your closed arm, then open your arm downward.


Good afternoon

good afternoon

Just looks just like the ending position of good morning, but the your right hand should be beneath your left elbow. From open arm, close it upward.




Use your right hand to form a W sign. Raise it until it levels the side of your forehead. Move your wrist in a circular motion, just your wrist, not the whole arm.


Thank you

thank you

Place the fingers of your open hands facing you near on your lips, then bring your hand forward and downward.




Close your right hand into a fist and put it on your chest. Move it around in circles.


I love you

i love you

Raise your left hand and put your middle finger and ring finger down leaving the thumb, index finger and baby finger pointing upward.




Face two open palms toward you and move them up and down in a circular motion.




Form your hands into claws facing toward you, then move it downward.




Close both fists and cross both hands over your chest.




Use your both hands to form F signs. Put your thumbs together and trace the shape of a circle using your both hands. The will end with your pinkies together.




Raise both of your hands diagonally with your middle fingers touching each other, as if representing the roof of a house.




Point your index finger near your ear and move it downward until reaches the side of your lip.




Close your right hand into a fist and place it in front of your lips facing you. Move it towards you until it touches your lips.




Form both of your hands into L signs facing the one you’re talking to. Make sure that it doesn’t touch each other.




Form both of your hands into L signs facing the one you’re talking to, similar to sign, but for this, the two thumbs should touch each other. Then move your hands away from each other.


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