Descendants 2 Movie Review

I was choosing what to watch on TV as I was turning channels when I saw the beauty Dove Cameron on Disney Channel. Shocks! It was Descendants 2! I was not informed that the sequel of Descendants was coming out but I’m glad that I caught it on TV from beginning to end. How lucky I am!

Descendants is a television movie that is both musical and fantasy. I wonder why they keep it on TV. I mean it is all good and it deserves to be on the big screen. Ever since the first movie came out, I’m already a fan. Just don’t ask why I don’t know about the release of Descendants 2. But trust me, I am. I admire the idea of making a story out of the children of our favorite Disney princesses and Disney villains. And I like that plot focused more on the children of the villains, Mal, daughter of Maleficent, Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen, Jay, son of Jafar and Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil.

In Descendants 2, Mal felt that she didn’t belong to Auradon so she returned to Isle, leaving Evie, Jay, Carlos and her boyfriend, Ben, son of Belle. They followed her to confront Mal but when they were in Isle, Ben was captured by Uma, daughter of Ursula, together with Harry, son of Captain Hook and Gil, son of Gaston. Due to her bitterness because she was not chosen to go to Auradon, Uma demanded for Fairy Godmother’s Magic Wand from Mal’s group or else, she’ll kill Ben. They fought with Uma and was able to trick her and retrieve Ben. However, Mal left the spell book to Isle when they were going back to Auradon.

During the Cotillion, everyone was surprised to see Uma as Ben’s partner. Stunned by a love spell, Ben confessed his love for Uma and announced that she will be his queen. I know this part should be sad but here I was, laughing at scene when Ben and Uma were dancing together. If you could see Uma’s smile, you’ll find it funny, too. Anyway, Mal confessed her love for Ben and kissed him to break the spell. When Uma became octopus and Mal became dragon, I thought that the intensity was rising. I thought they are going to fight until death. But in just one please of Ben to Uma, the battle was over. And the movie ended just like that. My heart leaped more during their battle in Isle as if it was the end. I know there is sequel, as Uma said, but that doesn’t mean they’ll end one of Descendants movie just like that, right?

Talking about their playlist, I think they have better songs in Descendant 2 than its prequel. I can feel their heart and joy as they sang each songs. My favorite is Space Between. It shows that the movie is not just about fantasy or love story, but also about friendship.

The main and supporting characters are perfect choices for the roles. With a touch of today’s trend, everything was magical and flawless from the way they move, dance, act and sing. You could see that they are all having fun while shooting the flick. It’s evident that they are friends in real life. For me, it gives a High School Musical vibe. I think they will do good if they will be part if High School Musical 4. Surely, they will give justice to our favorite childhood movie. But before that, I’ll first wait for the third Descendants movie.

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