One Has To Go Challenge

Once again, a kind of meme burst in the internet and it’s so challenging because it lets the netizens give up on something. The meme or challenge is called One Has To Go, wherein it features four or more photos of our favorite things in the world. But it doesn’t end there because the caption states “one has to go,” which means that you have to choose the one that you like the least among the things featured. Now, I accept the as I compile One Has To Go memes from Facebook, Twitter and other sites. Join me in kicking out options. One has to go!


One Breakfast Dish Has To Go


It should be a battle between the greatest so let me first identify the best for each dish. It would be IHOP’s for pancake, Famous Belgian Waffle for waffle, UCC’s for french toast and Cinnabon for Cinnamon Rolls. I think french toast can go but if the pancake is not from IHOP, waffle is not from Famous Belgian Waffle, and cinnamon roll is not from Cinnabon, french toast has a chance to stay.


One Ketchup Has To Go

© Tularan si Juan

Since there are four bottles of Del Monte ketchup, one of it can go so I can enjoy the four brands. Kidding! In my blog post, Sticking To One Brand, I told you that our family sticks to UFC over the other catsups so surely, it will stay. Although I’m not a fan of tomato ketchups, I have to admit that both Del Monte and Heinz are good. That means, Jufran can go.


One Thing Has To Go

© Curtis Cory

Easy! So easy! Makeup can go. There’s no doubt about that. Everyone knows that I don’t color my face with cosmetics unless there is an occasion. But hey, I can attend an occasion without that so makeup can definitely go. Well, television and junk foods can also go since I use them only often. But since I only have to pick one, the two will remain.


One Cosmetic Has To Go

© Danica Prgesa

Speaking of makeups, here’s a challenge for its enthusiasts. I somehow know this stuff so I will still feel a little sadness if one has to go among the four, eyeliner is my favorite because it gives definition to my eyes. Highlighters, on the other hand, forms my face the way I want. Lipstick enhances my pale lips. I can manage without brow makeup. For me, kilay is not life.


One Donut Has To Go


© Lloyd Cafe Cadena

Lloyd Cafe Cadena, I hate you for giving us this tough decision. Can you please go? Oh don’t be serious. I was just joking. But men! I can’t let go any of these three. I’m gonna cry. J.CO‘s Alcapone, Krispy Kreme’s Orginal Glazed and Dunkin’ Donuts’ Choco Butternut are all wonderful in their own ways so I can’t really pick. Okay! Choch Butternut, you can go. Noooo!


One Fries Has To Go

© eCompareMo

I may be a potato lover but I’m still choosy when it comes to fries. There are four kinds of fries that I want – Mcdo fries, the thick-cut fries like what Zark’s serves, home-made fries and the fries that street vendors sell. Even though I’m tired of eating Potato Corner fries because I’m just living beside a stand and even though Jolly fries dry up quickly, they can stay. Bye, KFC Crispy Fries.


One Artist Has To Go

© 1gotta

When it comes to voice, Selena Gomez can go. But I can’t let her because she’s just so beautiful and adorable so yeah, she has to stay. Ariana Grande will obviously stay for she is my favorite artist as what I said in American Singers We Want. Demi Lovato is evidently a great artist with a powerful voice, too. Therefore, I apologize to the fans of Miley Cyrus.


One Food Has To Go

© Bacon Fun

Nachos are undeniably appetizing. Bacon tastes like heaven. I won’t live without McDonald’s Fries. So I kick sushi out. When I was a kid, I loved sushi rolls. But now, I don’t know I’m choosing it the least not just in this challenge, but also when ordering in restaurants or choosing food in a buffet.


One Disney Princess Has To Go

© 1gotta

Pocahontas has to go and my reason is shameful and unacceptable so I’m not gonna tell. Okay! Here it goes. I don’t know her story. I neither watched her movie nor read her book. And yeah, she loses a vote from me just like that. But if I had the chance to know Pocahontas through book or movie and it inspired me the way Ariel, Mulan and Jasmine did, my decision might change.


One Chocolate Has To Go

© Parenting Your Pint-sized Treasures

There’s another challenging One Has To Go meme here! I don’t know why but when it comes to food, it’s always a hard one. Ugh! Do I really have to choose? I accepted the challenge so I think the answer is yes. I just can’t resist all of them, you know, especially Twix. Alright! Butterfinger, you can go now.

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