Filipino Version Of International Products

McDonald’s and Jollibee are two of the leading fast food chains in the country. In fact, According to Inquirer, McDonald’s has never surpassed Jollibee as fast food market leader. And we heard that this only happened in the Philippines. But the competition between these two fast food chain is alive that even us still can’t decide which one is better. McDonald’s has the greatest fries while Jollibee has the juiciest chicken. They have similar food and specialties in their menu. It’s enough to say that Jollibee is the Filipino version of the global brand, McDonald’s.

But the list does not end there. There are a lot more local products that are almost similar to international goods.


Chips Ahoy and Chips Delight

When I was younger, I thought that Chips Ahoy and Chips Delight have the same manufacturer. You can’t blame me. They have similar packaging, similar output, similar sizes and texture and similar flavors. Now, I realized that although they are the same, they are quite different in flavor. Chips Ahoy is sweeter and more chocolaty.


M&M’s and Nips

Rainbow colored and candy-coated Chocolate? That’s Nips! No! That’s M&M’s! That’s actually both. I already tried the two and I must say that they are different in flavors. M&M’s has a richer chocolate and high quality ingredients. So M&M’s will be my forever love. If M&M’s is not available in the store, Nips will be fine. After all, Nips also comes out with peanuts and crispies.


Oreo and Bingo

It was a competition between Oreo versus Bingo during my childhood time. I think, it changed now to maybe, Cream-O. But I’ll just stick to my experience. They are both brands of cookies consisting of two chocolate wafers with a sweet cream filling. Oreo is produced in US while Bingo is produced in the Philippines. Of course, Oreo will never ever be replaced.


Doritos and Tortillos

I’m a fan of tacos but I’m not really a fan of the Tortilla chip itself so I do not know which one to choose between the local brand, Tortillos and the international brand, Doritos. For me, they are just similar. I’m just happy that I can enjoy them with my favorite salsa, cheese sauce and ground beef. I do not know for the others.


Cheetos and Cheezy

I’m also not into cheese snacks so I rarely eat Cheetos and Cheezy. But yes, I already tried the two and I must say that Cheezy is indeed a local version of Cheetos. But I think I’ve eaten more Cheetos than Cheezy because I usually see the imported product from my friends. You know what I do when my friends have food.


Koko Krunch and Choco Flakes

Koko Krunch is known globally through Nestle while Choco Flakes Cereals is made in the Philippines and for the Philippines. These two are both shell-shaped chocolate cereals. However, Koko Krunch already has its identity of choco cereals. If both of these choco cereals are out of their bags, I will call Koko Krunch and even Choco Flakes as Koko Krunch.


Yupi and Potchi

Yupi is a famous Indonesian manufacturer of gummy. I’ve seen a lot of gummies in different shapes from them but I just knew that it has a round pink and white candy that looks exactly like Potchi.  I’m not sure which came first but I was first introduced to Potchi. Potchi is my childhood friend so I choose the Philippine product.


Kettle Korn and Chef Tony’s

At first, when the pop corns are taken off their respective tubes, I will be confused on which one is Kettle Korn and Chef Tony’s because when it was first introduced to me, they just have the same flavors. But then, Chef Tony’s continued to produce more pop corns of different and unique flavors, leaving Kettle Korn.


Heinz and Del Monte

Ketchups here in the Philippines are mostly made with banana. Only few local companies produces tomato ketchup and Del Monte is known for that in the country. On the other hand, if we talk about international ketchups and naming brands is the question for Family Feud, Heinz will be on the top of the list. Regardless, I love them both.


Anchor and Dari Creme

When I go to groceries here in the Philippines and walk through the dairy section, you will notice the competition between Dari Creme and Anchor as both offers the hard ones and the softened ones. They may be the same in appearance but did you know that Dari Creme is actually a margarine while Anchor is a butter.

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