Finding Dory Movie Review

finding dory movie review

I feel like I’m a five-year-old kid again – the same age when I watched Finding Nemo for the first time. And upon entering the cinema, it wasn’t just me. In fact, there are more adults than children in there. Oh you can’t blame us! Finding Nemo was our childhood and no matter how long it will take for its sequel to come out, we’re not going to miss it! And did you know that my childishness was towering to the point that I watched Finding Nemo first before catching up Finding Dory? It is to refresh my mind since I want a clear picture of how these two films will connect.

With that, I can’t help but compare the two though. I hope there’s nothing to worry since they have the same director and people behind the voices, except for Nemo. I know they’re just animated films so there are nothing to be serious about but it seems that Finding Nemo is more realistic, has more thrilling challenges and has full of emotions that moves the audience. Finding Dory, on the other side, has quick events coming up. It’s just start of the movie and she’s remembering things in a snap! I don’t know. However, it is lively, funny and visually good!

Moreover, I do admire the creators for remembering and reviewing the movements and personality of the main characters, Dory, Nemo and Marlin. I know its difficult to animate the same characters again, especially that there’s a span of 13 years in between, because they have to be mindful that the characters should act like the characters before. Adding to the consistency were the voices of Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks. In a decade, for sure, there should be changes in our voice. But them? Oh I love them and I love the way they let these characters possessed their bodies!

When the movie ended, there’s a question that tickles my mind. It’s not a finding Dory adventure, is it? Marlin and Nemo, maybe, were looking for the forgetful yet funny blue tang fish, but that was just for a short time and did not cover most of the entire movie. Actually, it’s more of finding Dory’s parents, who, in turn, didn’t look for their daughter, but instead, just stood in the middle of aligned shells. How numb was that! But now, I have deeper thoughts about it and I must say that it is a yes. It’s Finding Dory, not literally. She’s finding herself. That’s the point of the story. I never thought that it would be that meaningful.


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