The First Man-made Beach In The Philippines!

We’ve been yearning to visit Azure Urban Resort Residence for a long time. Those promotions posted in Facebook are totally enticing. And the idea of experiencing a man-made beach with all those white sand, palm trees and undulating waves are not just inviting but really admirable. Just imagine a beach literally in the middle of a city. How awesome is that, right? Its beaches are iconic since it is the first man-made beach in the country. To add on that, the residence is designed by the Billion Dollar Enterpreneur herself, Paris Hilton.

But sadly, plans stayed as plans. We booked once to celebrate my birthday in this resort but because of school activities, we cancelled our booking and moved our staycation to December in Dusit Thani. Finally, we got the opportunity last February and we enjoyed the time of our lives.

There are nine towers in Azure which are named after some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches and resorts. The names are given by Paris Hilton herself and I’m glad that she included Bioracay as one of the towers. These towers are circled around the condominium’s beaches and beach club. Sadly, some of its amenities are still under construction giving obstruction to the view.

We must always take note that Azure is not a hotel, but a condominium whose unit owners lease the rooms for those people who wish to visit the beach. So don’t expect that you can get to your room as easily as you can in a hotel. Checking in Azure is hassle because you have to deal not just with the unit owner but also with the Azure management for security purposes. That’s understandable though.

The Azure Urban Resort Residences designed three residential unit plans for customers to choose from – one bedroom unit, two bedroom unit and three bedroom unit. The units on the ground floor has a secured area in front and its tenants has an option to convert them into a carport, garden or porch. I guess, each towers has six elevators, whose size, I think, is not enough for either a condominium or hotel.

The unit we got is the one bedroom type from the Maui tower. It has balcony facing the outdoor amenities of the residence, one double-sized bed and a sofabed and can accompany four persons. The room is as comfy as the rooms in five-star hotel. Although there are no complementaries, it is fully furnished with microwave, electric stove, toaster, utensils and the best of all, own wifi router!

The pool in front of our building is still under construction. There are only three pools open which are on the other side of the resort – the Children’s Beach Playground, the Azure Beach and the Lap Pool. The Lap Pool has loungers that will complete your relaxation moment. They turn it into an infinity pool as it stretches to the Azure Beach. However, this one’s only for Azure unit owners.

Although it is surrounded by white sand, the Azure Beach is a tiled swimming pool with depth of four feet. This is where they located the waves but we didn’t got the chance to experience it because they turn it only on a certain time. There are countless heads popping on the water but it’s big enough to accomodate everyone. It holds a waterfall whose water comes from the Lap Pool.

On the other hand, the Children’s Beach Playground is perfect for kids who loves the beach, slides and sandcastles. This is where I truly admire this man-made beach because unlike the Azure Beach which is a tiled pool, the white sand extends until under the sea. Although its water only reaches my knee, I enjoy the touch of the sand beneath me. It feels like I’m out of the city.

The pools are surrounded by benches and couchers of different stylish designs that are absolutely instagram-worthy. And they light up with different colors at night giving a dim view. However, this isn’t enough to brighten the night. The music, which can be heard everywhere, makes the atmosphere lively, especially when the songs match the beach theme.

I suggest that you visit Azure during weekdays or on a normal weekend. It’s a bad decision to come on a long weekend, just like what we did last Chinese New Year, for you will experience a long queue that can take an hour of waiting before entering the beach. It’s a good thing that there’s the Paris Beach Club, where you can spend your waiting time.

Despite of having a number of restaurants in the Paris Beach Club, Skyfort Cafe was the only functioning restaurant. We were planning to eat lunch there before leaving but when I saw the dishes, it feels like I was in a carinderia and not in a condominium acting as an hotel. I asked the cashier how much is their eat-all-you-can buffet and she answered 300 pesos. Seriously?

The three-storey building has everything you’re looking for. A beautiful lobby will welcome you as you enter the Paris Beach Club. It houses Bar Resto Club, which is a perfect destination when the pool closes, Paris Beach Bar, which you can enjoy while you’re on the pool, outdoor and indoor restaurant. There’s also a fitness center, spa, theater room, day care and gameroom in here.

Are you planning to have beach volleyball with your friends in Azure? The residence got you, fam! Beside the Lap Pool, a volleyball court is hidden and the volleyball net is readily available. If you’re more of a basketball player, Azure also has a court for you. While adults are enjoying their game, children and kids at heart can find their joy in multiple playgrounds.

Here’s a secret to another beauty. Azure towers has roofdecks that can’t be accessible through elevators. When you reach the penthouse, climb the stairs to the roofdeck. The wooden seats and the leafy garden will complete your relaxation. The roofdeck also gives the guests an expandable view of the whole property and the surrounding cities.

Azure is located in Bicutan, Paranaque. Therefore, those who are staying in the towers Santorini, St. Tropez and Bahamas South can get a clear view of SM Bicutan. Furthermore, the Skyway is visible in Maldives, Boracay, our tower, which is Maui, and Bahamas North, which is still under construction. I remember myself having a glimpse of Azure whenever I pass Skyway.

We didn’t regret spending our post-Valentine date in Azure. With the nice view of the city, great accomodation, fully-furnished rooms, amazing wave pool, beach and all, it’s more than perfect for a staycation. It’s a sweet and quick escape from all the work and stress. However, one night isn’t enough. If only there’s still an available unit for sale, I will buy it just to have a lifetime experience of Azure. Anyway, I will definitely come back and bring more friends here.

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