Five Ways To Wear White Tee


If you have white tee in your closet and you use it strictly as inner wear for your uniforms and suits, workout outfits, lazy day outfits or sleepwear, then you live your fashion life in the wrong way. Guys, you don’t wear this essential just for these activities because believe me, it can help us to fashionably look good in our casual days, and even in our formal days. All we need is proper styling to turn the plain to extraordinary. Check out my five ways to wear white tee.

But oh! Before we proceed on different looks that this piece can present, let me first give you an advice. For me, I guess, the best shirt is the loose v-neck since it is flexible in any bottoms and accessories. So my advice for those ladies who don’t have this kind of white t-shirt is to cut it! Transform the round neckline into a V shape, trim an inch along the hem, crop the sleeve cuff and tadaa! You have now a new and improved white tee! That’s what I did!



Let’s first go for simple since the simplest clothing is the easiest to find in every girl’s wardrobe. Aside from white v-neck shirt, I’m sure you have denim shorts, jacket and neutral-colored ballet shoes in there. Pull them out then because we’re going to rock these pieces following my own way. I used to tuck the front of my loose shirt inside my bottom and tie the sleeves of my unzipped jacket around my waist to give this style a fashionable effect.



White tee and jeans is a common combination if we opt to be conservative yet stylish. However, we want to upgrade this OOTD in a lot new level. Have you heard of palazzo pants? Yes, I have but I find it hard to hunt for a matching top. I only try two tops with it – crop top and this, loose v-neck t-shirt. It’s perfect. It’s classic. It’s comfortable. It’s carefree-looking. Plus, the black heels brings elegance to the bearing and to the wearer herself.



I must say that layering is one of the best ways to style an attire that’s why this is the next pair I have for you. As you can see I place my blue coat over my shoulders. In this way, I was able to add dimensions to my all-white inner wear, which is composed of white t-shirt and white pants. Completing the look is this flip flop with the same color. I just love how the brightness of my coat breaks the drabness of the fabrics inside. That’s one of my tips in layering.



Honestly, I found this pair, white shirt or blouse inside a strapped dress, really off-fashion. But now that it is trendy and I see celebrities having this OOTD, I scanned deeper into it and realized that the combination has something to say. Girls only need to learn the guidelines for color and print matching. Printed item best suits with plain item while bright-colored item best suits with dark-colored item. That’s why I have here my white tee, together with my floral black dress.

Shoes: Crocs



White t-shirt reminds me of Solenn Heussaff’s OOTD when she guested on Gandang Gabi Vice. When she entered the studio, she just wore a plain white shirt. Nothing more! Nothing less! She made me realize that big shirts, such as boyfriend tee, can be equipped without any other pieces, except, of course, undergarments. Maybe I’m not as glamorous as Solenn was in this clothing but we can’t deny the fact that this outfit is fun and attractive at the same time.

Shoes: Nike

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