Internet Slang Dictionary

Internet Slang Dictionary

One change that the internet caused on people is the language that we, netizens, are using. This includes the internet slang terms. According to Eagle News, internet slang terms are going viral. People are into it and enjoying using these terms by including them in their Facebook and Twitter posts. But in most scenario, we can’t understand these terms that made us don’t understand the whole post or tweet. We don’t want that to happen, right? What we want is to keep up-to-date on these words but it’s so hard since it’s constantly growing. So what I can do now is to share some internet slang terms because I bet you’re gonna use it sometime or someday.

Let’s start with the most common terms that are not just used in the web, but also in text and personally.

internet slang 1

I guess, you already know this, also.

internet slang 2

Woah! We usually read the next words anywhere in the web.

internet slang 3

And also this!

internet slang 4

But what does this mean?

internet slang 5

The words are getting uncommon.

internet slang 6


internet slang 7

Wow! Internet slangs added to our knowledge.

internet slang 8

Now, we know!

internet slang 9

No, no, that’s not it. I have one last photo here.

internet slang 10

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