Go Crazy With Krazy Garlik

Krazy Garlik

I never thought that garlic have this thing called craziness. Imagine! He’s always present in every dish of one of the restaurants of The Bistro Group. Well, I understand this because garlic is the star of this restaurant that’s why it is named after garlic. Please welcome, Krazy Garlik – a restaurant where most of the food is smothered in garlic, even the desserts! And believe me, it’s actually done in a good way.

The place and service is great for food trips. Whenever I’m in a restaurant, I don’t usually pay attention to the place. But Krazy Garlik’s interior is really remarkable that, without thinking, I took a photo of it. See the ceiling lamps? Awesome! They served our food in less than ten minutes which is more than okay for two hungry people. The servers are so alert that they catered to us promptly when called.

Upon looking on their menu, I learned that Krazy Garlik offers a wide range of enjoyable dishes. Everything you want, name it. Appetizers, soups, salads, mains, veggies, pizzas, desserts and drinks – it’s all there. Just remember that the crazy garlic won’t be absent. Perhaps, they had a great insight that Filipinos love garlic. Let’s see if you’ll also love this garlic-themed restaurant.

Krazy Garlik interiors krazy garlik menu


Krazy Garlik Nachos

Krazy Garlik Nachos

Made from honest-to-goodness cheese sauce with ground beef, minced tomatoes, red onions and roasted garlic, you could simply dig into the cheese using the nachos. I definitely enjoy the food because of its different colors. It’s first time to see violet and red nacho chips, that’s why.


Amazing Krazy Garlik Salad

amazing krazy garlik salad

Usually, green salads had that citrusy-vinaigrette taste. But this one is not that’s why we loved it. Topped with fried wanton and peanut sauce, their own version of salad has cucumber, bell peppers, onions and oriental chicken strips tossed in sesame lime dressing. I must say that it deserves a space into your stomach.


Fettuccine Oriente

fettuccine orient

I had a unique encounter with Krazy Garlik because of this. I loved that this appetizer didn’t had any complicated ingredient. It’s just a pasta tossed in a creamy seafood sauce with shrimps and Chilean mussels and we’re all solved! I will sure come back for this creamy Fettuccine Oriente.


Chorizo and Mussels

chorizo and mussels

What I particularly like about this dish was its figurative flavors. The Chilean mussels and Manila clams were perfectly paired with a moderate serving of chorizo. Plus, the sauce, which is made in white wine, garlic, bell pepper and onion leeks, was just light, so I ended up enjoying its simplicity.


Mango Berry

mango berry

This restaurant really just focus on garlic and its flavorful qualities, but I think, their drinks are exception because I can’t taste a sign of garlic on it. By the way, I liked how they made this drink. We could feel the freshness of mango and strawberry in it. Aside from that, there are two words that best describes their Mango Berry – healthy and delicious.


Citrus Mint

citrus mint

This drink is refreshingly perfect for the season and perfect for me. Citrus and mint are my favorites and when I found out that they have blended it, I had no doubt in ordering the drink. The dalandan, which gives the citrus flavor, is not that tart so it complement with the mint very well. It was the best drink so far.

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