Good Munch: So Munch Better

I always spend my lunch in Agno Food Court or simply, Agno. I call Agno as the mini food park of DLSU since it gives an ambiance of being in a park and at the same time, the best food kiosks are gathered in this place. It’s actually not part of DLSU compound but since it is just beside the school, Lasallians somehow claim it as one of their canteens. Most students take their lunch and snacks here because the food are not just great, but also affordable. Food inside the school are a bit pricey so some prefer Agno.

In Agno, you’ll see plenty of heads waiting for their food under the name Good Munch. This proves that Lasallians love the said kiosk. There are number of reasons why Good Munch is munch better.
1. The dishes offered may be simple but the flavors are unique. It’s the sauce and seasonings that truly makes people come back.
2. They cook right in front of you so you’ll see how they cook your meal. You can assure that the food you are eating is clean.
3. Their service is fast. Even though they’ll just start cooking your meal after you order, you’ll have your food no more than five minutes.
4. Meals are convenient and good to-go.
5. They provide meals that are perfect for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner.

And since I’m a frequent visitor of Agno, I got to try everything in Good Munch’s menu.


Smoke Bacon

For their breakfast meal that can be consumed even at dinner, here’s a sweet Smoked Bacon slices served with their signature scrambled egg. Due to its sweetness, the bacon almost taste like tocino. Sadly, half of the bits are fats but you won’t notice them easily because of the flavorful sauce. Moreover, I like the way they cooked the scrambled egg. It’s not fluffy just like the usual scrambled egg we see but it’s half-beaten, half-cooked and lightly fried.


Honey Garlic Fish

As I was buying my Smoked Bacon, I saw how they cooked the other customer’s order, which was honey garlic fish and it was really appetizing. I told myself that I would buy it the next time I spend my lunch in Agno. So now I have this. The moment I tasted it, the rich honey garlic flavor immediately welcomed my palate. And it was more delicious because it was served hot. Although the fish fillet is undeniably yummy and crispy, there are fish cuts missed the meat and only has flour.


Rosemary Chicken

And as they were cooking my honey garlic fish, again, I saw how they made the other customer’s Rosemary Chicken. I saw how they tossed those potato balls that are shouting delectability. The rosemary kicks flavors and it made me like chicken even, in fact, I’m not eating chicken. However, the chicken skin is soft just like how it is in Adobo. I don’t know if that’s really what their recipe says but I don’t find the skin texture fitting with the dish.


Beef Salpicao

While the other meats they offer are flawless, boneless and almost fatless, this one’s the opposite. The beef serving is not actually generous. It’s the potatoes that makes it look plenty. Plus, there are fats on the meat parts. I thought that this will be my favorite because it’s beef but not anymore. On a positive note, it was able to redeem itself through the sauce. I totally admire how they make their sauce not just for their Beef Salpicao but for all of their dishes.


Dirty Porkchop

I must say that I had the best munch with their Dirty Porkchop. The pork looks rough and dry but the taste is surprisingly great like as if there is a sauce in it. The meat is tender and the marinating and seasoning did a wonderful job. Its texture reminds me of tonkatsu. It also has the greatest deal of serving even though the meat was cut into small strips. Honestly, I like it sliced because it makes it easier to chomp, especially if you’ll have it for take out.

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