Flavors Restaurant: A Buffet In Holiday Inn

As businessmen, my parents are frequently invited to different meetings, celebrations, conferences, product launch events and similar events that are held in luxurious hotels. And so I enjoy the perks of being their child by joining them. I have the chance of staying in five-star hotels and and most of all, experience eat-all-you-can buffet breakfast. Isn’t that good? Isn’t that great? So yeah, I already dined at different hotel buffets and the latest was in Flavors Restaurant.

Located at Holiday Inn & Suites in Makati City, Flavors Restaurant is buffet-style feast that serves international cuisines. They offer food that are suitable anytime of the day since they are open during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Aside from quality home-cooked dishes for adults, Flavors Restaurant also has dishes especially made for children. In fact, they have fun utensils that kids can use.


The moment we entered the dining hall, all I can say was wow. With fresh designs and great lighting, the interior features modern elegance which truly gives a cozy ambiance. It’s a perfect venue for celebrations, meetings or just a family bonding. The staff are accommodating and helpful, too. With their treatment, you will really feel welcome.

They should name this station craving, instead of carving because those Crispy Pork Knuckles and Okonomiyaki definitely makes me crave badly. If I took an ala carte meal in Flavors Restaurant, probably I would order their Crispy Pork Knuckles or Crispy Pata as we call it. It’s tender and crunchy. So yummy!

As you can see, the selections for pastries were kinda limited and were mostly European. I love breads but I’m not a fan of the European kinds so I skipped this station. After all, it was dinner so I thought it was not a perfect time for pastries. In this way, I was able to make room for the other dishes.

One thing I admire about Flavors Restaurant is their way of presenting their food on the buffet table just like how they lined up the salad ingredients here. Ready -made salad are on the right, make-your-salad are on the left and dressings are in front. I wonder if they created their own dressing because they all taste delicious. It makes me want to munch more salad.

I like the fact that they have different variants of noodles. This shows that they target different kinds of people like my mom who prefers thin rice noodles and our companion who favors more on round egg noodles. As for me, I like them all because I’m a greedy eater. But I have to say that their beef noodle soup was heavenly when I created my own.

When dining in a buffet restaurant, I always avoid sushi because the rice will easily make me full. But Flavors Restaurant’s sushi section looks great and irresistible so I tried two – the Salmon Nagiri and the California Roll. And it was surprisingly satisfying even though I only ate two sushis.

Oh! Flavors Restaurant is also ready for snacks as they offer do-it-yourself tacos and nachos. There are different toppings to choose from but I ignored them when I created my own tacos because I filled my tortilla with meat from the main course and veggies from the salad station. Hey! That’s what DIY stations are for!

And this is the most exciting part – desserts! I already passed all of the other stations which left me totally full. But these desserts were looking angrily at me, especially that chocolate fondue, so, feeling like a child, I ended up trying everything. I like their Creme Brulee the most. It’s crisp on top and the same time, creamy and sweet in the inside.

Included in their dessert but excluded in their dessert station are these fruits, which are all sweet and fresh. You can feel the freshness in its flavor. I wonder where they got their pineapple because that time wasn’t the season for pineapple yet they maintained the sweetness of it. I also wonder if we can take home those apples and oranges just like in Mariott Cafe of Mariott Hotel.

This was my plate for my first round. I always dig for the main course first, together with the soup, so I won’t miss them in case I got full already. They have a lot of choices here but I only picked those that will surely fulfill my cravings like the Roasted Vegetables, Stirfry Squid, Beef Navarin, Fish Amritsary and Roasted Marble Potatoes. I can’t remember how many plates I collected after this.

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