He Brews: Where Your Cup Never Runs Dry

When I heard that He Brews is opening a branch in Pinamalayan, my emotions were mixed. It’s the first legit coffee shop in my hometown and I felt happiness because I will be able to stretch my love for coffee up to Pinamalayan yet I was wondering if it will click here. I know He Brews already has its name in Batangas as it offers a great twist of Kape Barako. But I know my hometown better. Let’s admit that it’s rural where most residents prefer a five-peso instant coffee than a seventy-peso brewed coffee. However, I’m still wishing that He Brews will stay here forever so I can have a relaxing hangout spot whenever I go home.

He Brews gives a pleasant ambiance that helps me find calmness. It is definitely the setting for you if you want to be alone or if you want to bond with your friends or family. Moreover, I find their name really witty for it shows two meanings, the coffee shop itself and the ancient people mentioned in the Bible. And I admire how they combined these two themes. But aside from the interiors and all, it is their food that I love the most.



Thanks to my Instagram boyfie for taking this shot! I captured the rest so please bear with my poor photography skill. Anyway, with their cappuccino, He Brews just proved how excellent Batangenos are in producing coffee. All the way to Mindoro, they maintain the freshness of the brew. The titas of Pinamalayan loved it because according to my mother, after dining in a restaurant, they usually spend the rest of the night having this espresso, milk and milk foam mixture in He Brews.


Iced Latte

I must say that their cold coffee is as equally yummy as their hot coffee. It’s not hard to identify the milk in their iced latte, the chocolate in their iced mocha and the caramel in their iced caramel macchiato. Each has a distinct flavor. I admire their consistency on making their product from its sweetness and creaminess to the fullness of the coffee. Yes, I tried all these three but my favorite is their iced latte for it has a perfect balance of the ingredients.


Cookies ‘N Cream Ice Blended

Coffee plus Oreo? OMG! I was already imagining a nip of heaven as I opt for this combination. Leaving my expectations high, I was kinda disappointed to the drink that was set on my table. By the looks, it’s mouthwatering. But don’t be fooled because when I had a sip, all I tasted was coffee. I felt the Oreo bits, but sadly, my taste buds didn’t. And why did you break the cookie at the top in half? That’s the only way I can have a taste of Oreo in this drink yet you didn’t give me a whole one. Insert crying emoji here.


Hot Chocolate

The naive side of me smiles big and claps when she saw this. I mean, look at those colorful marshmallows. Don’t they look attractive? I usually see hot chocolates with white mini marshmallows which are not as generously served as this. But even though the marshmallows filled the top part of the cup, it didn’t overpowered the taste of the chocolate. Actually, the marshmallows didn’t do any to the flavor of the hot chocolate which is good because I was able to smack the chocolate’s richness.


Mango Graham

My mom badly avoids caffeine so she opted for a non-coffee ice blend and I’m glad that they have that because they’re giving non-coffee drinkers a chance to enjoy their food. My mom bought their mango graham that didn’t surprised my palate that much. On our next visit, she had banana chocnut which I think was delectable when I had a sip. My mother disagrees though saying that she can make a better blend than this. Let’s see.


Tuna Apple Melt

Woah! He Brews are making risky combinations for their sandwiches. Look at their menu and you will see cheesy pineapple and adobo flakes benedict. That doesn’t sound good for me. But does it taste good? I don’t know. I haven’t tried them. What I tried is their tuna apple melt whose combo is also new to my eyes and tummy. I couldn’t believe that the juice of the apple blends well with the flavor of the tuna. I think it would be better if the tuna apple melt was served hot though.


Spanish Sardine Pasta

Honestly, I have nothing to say about He Brews’ Spanish Sardine Pasta because I can’t find anything special with it. This is just a normal Spanish Sardine Pasta I usually try in other restaurants. It lacks the wow factor that will hopefully beat the other pastas. I wish they gave this a little tweak. But that’s just for me since I already tasted various kinds of pasta including Spansh Sardine Pasta that’s why it’s so easy for me to compare.


German Sausage

He Brews Pinamalayan is the only cafe I encountered wherein everyone is taking their rice meals. Yes! You heard it right! Every customer in my numerous visits! I know that it’s not my business anymore but it somehow loses the cafe vibe of the place. It feels like if you only ordered a coffee, you’ll be out of place so I added German Sausage meal to my orders. After all, I want to try everything in their menu since I’ll give a review and I only have a word for this – delicious!

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