Heneral Luna Movie Review

heneral luna movie review

“Mas madali pang pagkasunduin ang langit at lupa kaysa dalawang Pilipino tungkol sa kahit na anong bagay.” – Heneral Luna

This was the line that struck me the most, well, aside from the funny curses he blurted, as I watch the talk-about movie this time, Heneral Luna. At first, I expected more scenes on the battle between Filipinos and Americans because they are the real enemies. Americans should be the real enemies of the Filipinos. But the antagonist of the movie turned out to be fellow Filipinos, specifically, Emilio Aguinaldo. Because of the government not having a harmony, Heneral Luna, the real hero died. Maybe, it’s true that it’s easier to conciliate heaven and hell than two Filipinos bcause until now, we can’t deny the fact that this statement of his can be seen.

Good thing that the makers of this movie produced such kind for the people of this generation to be open on what really happened in the history of the Philippines. It’s also a good thing that the audience patronaged the movie so much which invites more and more Filipinos to watch it. I admit that before, I have no plans on watching it because I’m not interested to history. But I’ve been hearing fantastic reviews about it and the Facebook posts were really convincing that’s why I settled time for it. And I can’t believe that I’m loving a film with a genre I’m not interested. Honestly, until now, I can’t move on. I have this funny feeling wanting Heneral Luna’s murderers to die. But I realized that they’re all dead by now.

I absolutely recommend this film to every Filipinos out there. If you’re thinking that the production team changed the story like what they always do in other movies based in real life, no, you’re wrong about that. Accuracy – that’s the first quality I like about the movie Heneral Luna. Second is its Hollywood-like cinematography. As you’ll watch the movie, you won’t believe that you’re watching a craft of a Filipino. For the script, let me comment that the audience won’t be bored despite of it being a historical epic because aside from a number of quotable quotes that could catch one’s heart, there are also witty lines that will burst out your laughter. To add on the humor were the actors who uttered their lines effectively. I admire how they blended the comedy and serious situations well in their show. I would like to give my salutation to these actors for portraying these big characters extraordinarily, especially to John Arcilla who gave justice to the character of Heneral Luna. May I just add a special mention to Epy Quizon? He really looked like Apolinario Mabini in the movie. I can’t trap my laughter when I always see him.

Before I end this article, let me give my kudos to the director, Jerrold Tarog. It was my first time to hear his name. And now that I watched Heneral Luna, I am looking forward to the story of Gregorio del Pilar and I’ve been wanting to watch more movies under his direction.

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