Best Of Mark Anthony Atienza

best of mark anthony atienza

If you’re a Mindoreno, it’s a shame on you if you didn’t know the person who gave pride to our place. We can remember Mark Anthony Atienza competing against thousand delegates from 53 countries in an international competition for arts, WCOPA. An interview with Mark Anthony Atienza is also remembered by my updated readers wherein we got to know this young crooner better. If you know him well or a fan of him, you already know that he’s not just a singer, but also, a songwriter. What a talented teen! In the said interview, we discovered that all of his original compositions is based upon real feelings and real event that is happening in his life, which is mostly about love. Let’s see what he is talking about as we listen to some of his original songs.


Angel with Broken Wings

How thoughtful Mark is for having a song that talks about his friend’s family problem! Is there something more than a friend? Let’s just keep the answer private. Well, according to Mark, it’s about someone who does her very best yet still not enough in the eyes of her family, just like an angel with broken wings. But no matter what the problem is, most listeners find it wonderful because with right choice of words, people can relate to it.


Before you Leave

From the title itself, we already know what it is all about. But we still want to know the exact details of how this song started, right? Mark says that this serves as a farewell to a very special friend of him as the students of our batch were about to leave high school. We also have the same point in life where someone important to us will leave us for a reason. In fact, this is also the message I want to deliver to that certain person.


Different Inside

“I wrote this when I was truly inspired by a very special friend, who dresses well, has good hairstyle, can sing, dance and act and not like any other girls that I know, made me felt different inside.” – this was the exact statement that Mark let out. I wonder who that girl is. Well, I just love how the music was made because without noticing it, you will just find yourself jiggling up as the song goes on.



So mellow and so acoustic  – this song puts me in a better mood which reminds the feeling of being in love and the feeling that even with just a glimpse of the person you love, you will be happy. Who would have thought that this idea will be the foundation of this song? As Mark missed someone, he wrote this song saying that a glimpse of a girl friend’s eyes, a glimpse of her smile and a glimpse of her face will be a relief despite of being apart.



Another love song here! I think, Mark’s really in love! Kidding aside, “Different Inside” girl was really lucky for having a second song here dedicated to her. According to Mark, he was trying to move on when he got lovestruck to her one Sunday morning. I know, the feeling was irresistible which made him write a song. With just his laptop and his musical instruments, there is no hint that the song was made without the help of professionals.


Mapasaya Lang Kita

Mark wants us to take note that this is his first Filipino song. I just forgot to ask what drove him to do so. Well, the story behind goes like this. There was this friend that he really had a crush on. But sadly, she didn’t feel the same way so he just told himself that it’s alright. What’s important is his ability to make her happy, just what the song title says. With this song, I want to say that Filipino songs also fit Mark’s voice.


On My Mind

This is the song of Mark that I usually hear because for all I know, this is dedicated to my high school classmate. Maybe, you heard it, too because, for everyone’s information, this was sung bigtime in WCOPA stage. In my first interview with him, he said that this is his first original composition which is about loving someone who is in your mind. Actually, there’s a big revelation between their relationship. Do you want to know? Well, you have to read my first interview with him linked above.


Only You

When I first heard the song, I don’t know when will Mark’s voice start until I was surprised on his hey. Listen to the song and you will notice that there is a one minute instrumental as if saying sit back, relax and be ready to be rocked by the song. What a good start! By the way, the song pertains to one girl, among all Mark’s friends, who loved him differently. As the song says, only you had loved me like this. Sweet!


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