Honey Beach Of Batangas

I never thought that there is a paradise hidden in the southern tip of Batangas. Speaking of beaches of Batangas, we only take Laiya, Calatagan, Nasugbu, Tingloy and the city proper, Batangas City, into account. But we haven’t heard that there is Lobo that lines up with these spots when it comes to attractions. Lobo is a municipality in Batangas which owns white sand beaches whose ocean floor slopes gradually for nearly 200 meters before drop-off and protects mangrove forests and fish sanctuaries. I’m glad that we had the chance to explore one of its beaches as we conduct our company’s summer outing here.

Unfortunately, Honey Beach Resort is not one of those white sand beaches of Lobo, When we landed here, I was a bit disappointed because the whole compound is small. It encompasses the main house, which has two air-conditioned room, two big cottages, two small air-conditioned cotteges and three small cotteges. Although it has a number of lodges, it can only house a big group like us. It’s like the usual beach resorts we see in our province. Think of a private rest house. That’s how Honey Beach Resort looks like because from what I’ve heard, this is a private rest house turned into a resort. This explains why it fits for a group of people who wants the place only for themselves.

Besides, I have no right to complain since this is all free. All thanks to our boss for treating us a memorable company summer outing! Imagine, he rented this beach resort exclusively for us, let us borrow his coaster for transportation and paid for our breakfast, lunch, dinner and even our pulutan. In fact, I didn’t spend even a centavo here. That’s just so nice of him.

At this point, I realized the advantages of checking in something private like this. Since the resort is exclusive for us, it feels like we own everything in the place. We don’t have someone to share its amenities with and we don’t have limitations as we roam around the beach. The heads can easily see, find and guide everyone since the area is closed for us. Because of this, we we’re bonded together as if we are one family in a rest house.


© Sir Jojo Soliman

We eat together in a boodle fight.


© Sir Jojo Soliman

We drink together. They drink together, rather, because I’m not drinking.


© Sir Jojo Soliman

We sing together. Karaoke will always be the best when it comes to gatherings.


© Sir Dack Aquino

We plan to play beach volleyball but the size of the shore didn’t allow us to do that.


© Joy Ramos

There’s a mini golf here. It’s so mini that it has only one hole or maybe, I didn’t see the other holes.


© Vicky Miranda

It’s a good thing that they have space for billiards.


The facade of the main house with these healthy plants is simply beautiful.


© Sir Dack Aquino

And this is how it look like during the night.


© Sir Jojo Soliman

Air-conditioned hut? Yes please!


© Roxanne Diez

But sadly, I’m assigned to sleep in this small cottage without aircon. But it’s alright because we are out all night.


Here’s the inside of one of their small cottages. It can accommodate ten persons but there are only two beds.


There are also umbrellas outside that can save its visitors from heat.


All I can say is wow to this view from the top.


Going down!


© Sir Jojo Soliman


Black sand can still be beautiful with this kind of scenery. From Honey Beach Resort, I can see the rest house of Christopher de Leon, Sharon Cuneta’s island and my beloved Mindoro!


We couldn’t miss the sunset.


This place is worth a selfie!


© Jozhua del Rosario

I can stay here all day, despite of the sun. It’s so relaxing.


© Sir Dack Aquino

Thank you to my Pure Force family for this wonderful experience! Thank you Sir Jomerito Soliman!


© Roxanne Diez

And thank you for the warm welcome, Honey Beach Resort! We’ll surely come back if we have the time.

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