How To Make Italian Tiramisu

I haven’t burped my food last Noche Buena yet here comes another set of food to ingest! No! I’m not complaining at all. I’m actually loving this season because of this feast. Aside from being fortunate that I’ve survived 2016, I’m blessed to have these dishes in front of me and to celebrate Media Noche this New Year’s Eve with my family. For those who don’t know, Media Noche is the midnight feast Filipinos celebrate during the 31st of December until the first hours of January to welcome the New Year. Therefore, food will never be absent. Now, as I contribute my homemade Tiramisu to the feast, let me share its recipe as my New Year’s gift for my readers.


1. Prepare all the ingredients needed. This includes ladyfinger biscuits, espresso, condensed milk, whipping cream and cocoa.



2. Whip two cups of cream together with 380 grams of condensed milk. Set this aside or better place it inside the fridge.



3. To ease the caffeine, add tablespoons of cocoa into two cups of espresso. Let it cool.



4. Get the cream mixture from the fridge and obtain a scoop depending on the size of your tiramisu. This will serve as the first layer of the dessert.



5. The main procedure of tiramisu is giving the cake a taste of coffee. We do this by dipping the ladyfinger biscuits on the espresso. For easy dipping, transfer this first in a bowl.



6. For the second layer, place these biscuits on the cream.



7. Spread another layer of cream.



8. Dip the ladyfingers.




9. And stack them on your cake.



10. Continue the spread-dip-stack process until it fills your container. End it with the cream.



11. Drizzle the top with a mixture cocoa and coffee powder. Don’t put too much if you still want to sleep. It’s just my family who wants it to be strong.



12. Let it cool together with the other New Year’s Eve food.



13. Your Tiramisu is now done and ready to be eaten. Happy New Year!


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