How To Save Wet Phone

How To Save Wet Phone

Dropped your phone into the toilet? or into a bucket of water? or forgot that you have your cellphone in your pocket when you dipped into the pool? There’s no more problem with that because we can save our phones and avoid its breakage by following the steps below.


1. Immediately take the phone out of the water.

save wet phone step 1


2. Do not turn on the phone.

save wet phone step 2


3. Remove the case, battery, sim card, memory card and other removable parts of the phone.

save wet phone step 3


4. Let them sit on towels.

save wet phone step 4


5. Dry the the phone with a blower.

save wet phone step 5


6. Leave in an amount of rice for two to three days.

save wet phone step 6


7. You already save you phone’s life. You may now turn on your phone.

save wet phone step 7

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