All You Need Is Pagibig Movie Review


It was a lazy Sunday. I had nothing to do until Antoinette Jadaone’s All You Need is Pagibig was played on my TV screen for ABS CBN’s Kapamilya Blockbusters. I had no plans of watching this in cinema but since it was free that day, I was able to perceive the lonely singleness of the love adviser, Love, the usual romantic relationship between Mel and Eric, the old flame love of Anya and Dino, the eternal love of Loisa and Jaime and the unrequited love of Corina. Unknowingly, the flick also presents the fatherly love of Eric to Anya, family love between Kelsey, Hannah, Corina and her nephews and nieces and admiration of Jake to Anya.

To answer your question, yes, All You Need Is Pagibig is an anthology film, which features different kinds of love. However, it’s not the kinds of love that was discussed in the Triangular Theory of Love. I think, it focuses more on romantic love and how the characters dealt with it. Going back to the anthology, I admire how it was created, how a character matched another character and how a relationship match another relationship. From this, I came to the realization that life is like a puzzle. The puzzle board is the world and we, people, are the puzzle pieces. We are connected to each other.

But since the almost-two-hour film was divided into various manifestations of love, there are stories that weren’t given much scenes while there are others that lacks elaboration. And since these stories were chopped and mixed up, some lost its impact to the audience. Let me discuss my views one by one. Love has lots of scenes yet they didn’t conveyed the message completely. The same goes with Corina. But I got their story’s main point and that’s the important thing, right? Loisa and Jaime has the opposite way. Their few scenes gave justice to their story line. And I felt it. But I also felt that they should pull the story of Anya and Dino out of the movie because that kind of plot deserves a solo movie. Their part in All You Need Is Pagibig left me hanging. On the other hand, Mel and Eric’s part, although cliche, has the perfect timing.

Despite of these things, the actors were able to lift up the movie as they once again proved their acting skills. Of them all, I love the pair of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim, who played the roles of Anya and Dino. In fact, I only laughed at their parts because they’re natural at delivering their lines and actions as if the jokes really came from them. Nova Villa and Ronaldo Valdez were effective for the roles Loisa and Jaime. Their emotions touched my heart deeply. Moreover, I sensed a little bit awkwardness in the moments of Jodi Santamaria and Ian Veneracion, who played the roles of Mel and Eric. Maybe, they should just focus on drama since they’re more expert in giving people kilig in that genre. Kris Aquino as Love, Pokwang as Corina and Derek Ramsay as Dom were just fine. Honestly, I couldn’t see something special on their performance. And finally and frankly, I think there are better kid stars who fit the roles of Kelsey, Hannah and Jake instead Talia Concio, Julia Concio and Bimby Yap. I’m sorry. I’m just telling what I see and feel.

Generally, there’s one word that can fully describe All You Need Is Pagibig – Powerful!


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