I’m Stripped!

I’m stripped! I just got Brazilian wax! And I never thought of trying one but here I am! I’m stripped! It’s not only my first time to experience a Brazilian wax, but it’s also my first time to be waxed. Yes! My first waxing experience was down there and I admit it was painfully fun experience. I’m sorry for the reaction. I just can’t believe that I showed myself to someone I don’t know. Well, I may not know the girl who waxed my skin, but I’m familiar with Strip that’s why I entrusted my body to this waxing boutique.

Strip: Ministry Of Waxing is the first international concept waxing boutique since 2002. According to their page, it all started over a conversation with a couple of friends from the West who thought it was hilarious that Asian women had fanny follicles that were totally unkempt and just like fur muffs. It kinda offends me that the West thinks that way but I thank them for bringing the idea and your store in Asia and in the Philippines. Now, we, girls, and also boys, enjoy this new way of being chic and at the same time, hygienic.


Aside from Brazilian Waxing, Strip also offers hair removal on upper body, lower body, hands, feet and face. They provide products for post wax and body care. Moreover, I discovered that Strip and Browhaus, a brow and lash grooming salon, are partners and are located in one store. So yeah, after waxing, customers can avail brow products and services.


What makes a conservative girl like me avail a Brazilian wax? It’s the Belle de Jour Power Planner! This planner comes with a number of coupons that grants Bellas discounts on their partner companies. That includes Strip, which gives me 500 pesos off on Brazilian Wax Treatment. Hey! That’s huge! I can’t miss this no matter what it takes. After all, this is all for me.


Strip greeted me with their welcoming staff and an inviting sight of their waiting area. Since I arrived early in their Greenbelt branch, I was able to roam around the boutique. There are relevant magazines and bulletin that can ease the waiting of the customers. I remember I read that they love bloggers. So I guess they love me.


Strip stands with their HSQ mantra – hygiene, speed and quality. And I can see that as they give each Stripette, the term they call for Strip customers, a personal hygiene wax pack. These packs are stored in the waiting area and surprisingly gives a good view from there. I just don’t know what’s inside of the pack because the waxers are the ones who open it.


Finally, the waxer called my name and it’s time for me to get stripped. As I walk, I noticed that the corridor leading to the rooms is as elegant as the waiting area. Through a quick count, I think there are four to five rooms for Strip and another four to five rooms for Browhaus. I forgot which door I was assigned though.


Obviously, these are the tools, equipment, mixture or I-don’t-know-what’s-called stuff they used during the process. Just by looking at it, you can sense that they are working with high quality products. With these things, they were able to provide Brazilian Wax in 15 minutes flat.¬†Remember they are for hygiene, speed and quality.


This is where it all happens. I really thought that it was painless because I heard reviews about Strip. But men, I can feel the heat of wax¬†scorching on my skin. The stripping itself was even more throbbing. It’s a good thing that I have high pain tolerance or else, I’ll leave that bed immediately. Thankfully, it was just a quick sting.


But despite of the pain, I truly admire the professionalism and service of Strip as they practice no double dipping. Once they dip and use one spatula, they never use it again. Instead, they go for a new spatula for every dip. With this, I can assure that they truly care for the cleanliness of their customers. Also, each strip is effective to the point that they don’t have to wax on the same spot again.


If you are planning to have a Brazilian wax in Strip, the salon provides you a bikini waxing guidelines. This don’t needs further elaboration, right? In my case, I availed the All Off + Bottom Bikini Wax. Having my hair out is indeed comfortable. However, I noticed that the hair grew fast to the point that it needs stripping again after a month.


If you are still thinking twice whether to go to Strip or not, here is a little boost. Well, Strip is the most awarded hair removal salon with 41 awards worldwide! But with or without the awards, I will still recommend Strip to my readers because I know you deserve the best and Strip gives the best. Ten stars for Strip!

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