Inside Out Movie Review

inside out movie review

Who owns the voices inside our head? What are they talking about? How does they relate to us and to our daily life? How does they interact with each other? How does they control us? Are they the people or things we call emotions? Last question – do these questions ever encountered in your minds? If your curiosity says yes, then you should watch Inside Out. I know that it’s fictional but somehow, it will give us the answers.

Before I proceed to my review, I want you to know that I watched the movie before it showed in Philippine cinemas and even before its trailers came out of my place. Actually, I thought that it’s not that popular because I haven’t heard about it that time. I was wrong because when its trailers spread all over our country, it’s the topic being talked about everywhere because you know, it’s a Disney and Pixar movie. Despite of my wrong presumption, I still watched it because I’m really bored then and in search of an animated movie to watch and found this! Well, my point here is that this review will come from my point of view who had no idea about it before watching.

It looks more like a children film, not an all-age animated film. Yes, the story itself is for all people, regardless of the age but the pictures and the animation and the characters appearance with their glowing effect makes it childish. Well, that was what I felt at first because as the story goes on, it won’t matter anymore.

I was so entertained. I didn’t notice that the movie took an hour and a half already. For me, the most entertaining scene was the way they make dreams. I imagined if that happens in reality. And the most touching scene that made my tears fall was Bing Bong’s moment when he sacrificed for Joy so that she can come back to Riley’s consciousness and also, when Riley finally came back to her parents.

Thanks to Sadness! She may ruin everything, but she’s also the one that can fix those broken pieces. Honestly, I hated her at first. I want her out of the movie because she’s so restless. Why can’t she understand that touching stuff is forbidden for her? I’m glad that she learned at the end. And I, as well, learned that sometimes, we need sadness in our life. As what Inside Out is telling us, we need sadness to express our true feelings and the negative things that gathered inside us.

By the way, the characters were really adorable and their color fits perfectly to their names. I just prefer them having the same appearance. I mean, if Joy looks like a human, then the rest should also look the same. If Fear and Disgust looks like colored human, then the rest should also look the same. If Anger and Sadness looks like petite non-human, then the rest should also look the same. I understand that they want to show the similarities of Anger and Sadness and Fear and Disgust, but I hope that they display it in other ways.

Speaking of the characters, I was amazed to the artists who dubbed their voices and their interview. When I saw them, I thought that the characters’ figures where formed based on them. I love them! I really really do as much as I love the movie. Great job!


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