Keds: Authentic Vs Fake

At first glance, a shoes may look like a real Keds. Sometimes, we admire how those fake shoes were made to the point that they’re deceiving us. But actually, if you look closely, you can easily determine if a pair of Keds shoes is authentic or fake. We should take note of these things so we won’t be fooled by illegitimate sellers. Honestly, I was once a victim. My dad bought a Nike NMD R1 Salmon abroad that costs around nine thousand pesos as his birthday gift for me. However, we got a bright pink one, a colorway that doesn’t exist. Imagine! Nine thousand pesos for a fake shoes! Oh I won’t be fooled again. So I studied differentiating fakes from authentics. Let’s start with Keds, an American brand of canvas shoes with rubber soles.


Authentic brands like Keds never created a product with misaligned fabrics especially when the logo was on it. Therefore, the red one is clearly fake. Moreover, comparing it to the real one, which is navy blue one, authentic Keds put that little tag on the collar lining and not under the seam. And the thing is fixed on it. Now let’s focus on the seams. When its loose, curvy or sloppy, it’s fake. When it’s strong, tight, even and symmetrical, go buy it because it’s authentic.


Turn your shoes and you will see that the fake Keds failed to straighten the logo again. Authentic pair of Keds has a flexible, textured outsole that is made of rubber. The fake one may have the same material but note the difference between their texture. The authentic has smoother outsole than the fake. Also, look at their flexibility. This is important since your comfort in wearing these depends on flexibility. You don’t want your feet to be in pain just like the last time you wore your fake shoes, right?


The manufacturers of fake Keds never learn! First, the logo on the side is misaligned. Second, the logo on the outsole is not straight. And third, the logo on the back was attached like as if they do not care. Well, the real manufacturers care as they stick their trademarks properly, as well as the two cheeks of the shoes at the back. As you can see on the authentic Keds, there is a vertical patch that covers the back seam of the shoes unlike the fake Keds.


The insoles of an authentic Keds are cushioned neatly. It’s not like this. It seems that the fake manufacturers just glued a fabric on the midsole and the trademark they printed on it is not properly written and fades easily. We want Keds with well-colored and easy to read insole prints. Also feel for firm laces. The laces on the shoes should be firm to the touch. Fake shoes will often have very soft laces.


In this example, we think that the only difference between the two kinds of shoes is the thickness of their midsole. But I tell you that the length of midsole won’t tell if a shoe is fake or authentic because there are also Keds that have thick midsole. However, we can tell it through the texture of the rubber. The authentic Keds has a rough rubber that shows the diagonal lines clearly while the fake Keds has smooth wrap that’s why we can barely see its diagonal lines.


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