Message In A Bottle Book Review

A roller coaster of emotion – this is how I can describe Message in a Bottle in a best way. We know that it is more of romance. It is not hard to fall in love with the story especially to Garette’s letters to Catherine sealed in a bottle, thrown into the ocean and found by Theresa. The message in the bottle alone is already a whole-packaged story. It’s heartbreaking yet lovely. However, I can see suspense in the book, too, as Theresa received more letters of Garette dedicated for his late wife. I find it creepy but that what makes it interesting. It builds the curiosity in me to the point that I read the book in just one sitting.

Just like Theresa, I would like to meet the writer of the letter. Based from his messages for Catherine, Garette is the kind of guy who is in every girl’s dream, including mine. He’s just so perfect. And I proved that when Theresa finally met him and when they fell in love with each other. I saw how he takes care the woman he love, felt his sincerity when he says he loves Theresa and admire his perseverance even though they live seas away.

This is one reason why I love Message in a Bottle. I can relate to the long distance relationship of Garette and Theresa since I have the same kind of relationship with my boyfriend. But I’m not like Theresa who will just give up everything that happened between them. From then on, I hate her. Actually, I’m already disappointed when she published Garette’s letter on her column. But I was more annoyed when she didn’t give Garette time and was even more annoyed when she left Garette. Maybe, someone will tell me that I did not understand the story and did not understand Theresa. I do. She was in love and he was obviously in love with her, too. If I were in the shoe of Theresa, I will accept Garette. He does not deserve to die. On second thought, I’m glad that he followed Catherine instead of Theresa. Someone like her is not for Garette. Having said that, I guess it’s my first time to be contented on Nicholas Sparks ending.

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