Kipling: The Funky Monkey’s Bag


I bet you already saw this funky monkey that keeps on hanging in bags. Well, that’s an indication that you’ve seen a Kipling – a fashion brand offering a colorful array of designer handbags, backpacks, luggage and accessories made for the gal on the go.

Founded in 1987, Kipling, drew inspiration from Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” and adopted the monkey as the Kipling icon because it is a symbol of adventure and youth. Honestly, their monkey key chain is one of the reason why I buy their products. Aside from the fact that it there is a joyous monkey spirit inside me, I simply enjoy playing with it whenever I wear a Kipling. I insert its thumb in its mouth and then on its closed fist and back into its mouth and the process goes on. I don’t know why but it’s a life-saver during boring days.

Moreover, Kipling bags smarten up the way I carry myself and bring out the best in me as they boost the confidence and fashion level of their wearer. Well, that’s one of the purpose of Kipling on why they created these lightweight, lasting and functional bags. They believe in being seriously playful, positively stylish and delightfully carefree. Kipling’s first priority is to assure us to feel confident in living with our own rules. which is not dictated by trends because they feel that having personal style is more important than having a perfect style.

I must say that their job is effective in attaining their purpose. Look at me! Look how glamorous and comfortable I am when I wear Kipling.




I love wearing this violet sling bag of Kipling. It’s so shiny. I wanna die! I’m saying this in the tune of Agnes. However, it’s hard to pair it with most of my OOTDs because of its color. But of course, I use this if I have the chance, especially when I wear neutral colors. This comes with a folding opening with another pocket in it. I hate that the bag doesn’t allow me to put heavy stuff in this pocket because the Velcro wouldn’t hold it leaving an undesirably dowdy look.




From the moment I set my eyes to this thing, I already loved it. It’s so timely that I’m wanting a small cute backpack or a black backpack at that time. Then destiny showed me this – a small cute, and at the same time, black, backpack. I may not be wanting pink and animal print, I still grabbed it because what I’m looking for is here. After all, it gives the bag, and also the wearer, a touch of being girly. And yes, the adventurous type of design is still there.




And the award for Ane’s bag with the most number of pockets goes to this blue sling bag of Kipling. There’s the main pocket, three pockets in front, one at the back and three inside the main pocket. It’s good that I can separate my small items to my smaller items and to my smallest items. It makes it easy for me to look for something. In addition, this is the oldest Kipling I have. It’s with me when I was still in grade school. And as you can see, it’s still alive, missing one zipper and the funky monkey.




Oh! That’s the monkey I am talking about! I told you! It’s adorable! Anyway, let’s go back to the topic. Are you wondering why my Kipling bags last that long? It’s because Kipling ensure their products to be strong and sturdy. Actually, the brand is famous for its crinkled nylon fabric, a fabric that can carry heavy stuff. This blue huge shoulder bag here can carry the whole house! Of course, I’m joking. But it’s true that you can everything you want here.




Drawstring bags are so in and it’s design is really for adventurous people so Kipling didn’t think twice in creating their own version. When I need one, I immediately went to Kipling’s site to choose mine. They have varieties of drawstring bags from plain ones to printed ones. Most of them have an additional pocket in front locked with their signature zipper. Although it’s just a small part, the zipper is much appreciated since it runs smoothly.


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