A Kiss In The Rain Book Review

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I remember the time when I read this book. My teacher asked me how old I am, then said something like “Bata pa kung ano ano ang binabasa”. My classmates also have the same experience when they read the book. And our faces were like “What’s the matter between our age and this book?!” And then we realize that it is because of the title and the cover. We just mentally respond, “Don’t judge the book by its cover!” It is because the story is not really about something dirty that you think or they think. And the book says it is for 16 and above. Hello? I was 16 when I was reading that.

By the way, if it’s not about what we think at first, the question is, what is it about? Well, it is a story on how Jared, the main character, fell in love with a stranger which started with a kiss in the rain. It is finding his love at first sight for a long time. Not related to the title, eh? I must say that the author had a right choice in giving a great title for it catches reader’s attention immediately. A Kiss in the Rain – that’s how our couple met. Wondering what may happen next teases the people buy and read the book.

This is so amazing – the story, the characters, the scenes, the flow. The events that happened, especially the twists when Jared finally found the girl, are all rare and realistic causing me to enjoy the book. What I love about this book is that it is written in the eyes of a guy. This shows how loyal, sweet and loving he is. His true love he revealed, I must say, brings out the story’s beauty. Hearing a boy’s point of view in this story made me fall in love with Jared, wishing I would have a someone like him. Read the book and you’ll know.

One advice for those who will read – prepare not just a handkerchief, but a pail, instead, because it will definitely make you cry. As the story is about to end, I thought that there will be a happily ever after because Jared succeeded in finding his love at first sight. But no, I wasn’t ready for that final flick that happened. That shocking ending completes the story sadly yet remarkably. A week after I read the book, I couldn’t get over on the story.

A Kiss in the Rain is a must read book. If you want to fall in love, why not try this one because you know what, this somehow changed my view on guys. I wonder how its going to be when it will be filmed into a movie. I assure you that it will be a blockbuster hit! Thanks, Ms. author, for making such a lovely book like this one.

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