Generation Y 101: The Millennial Language

Millennials are now conquering the world as they bring their own language in every corner of the planet! It is evident that we, the youngest generation, have different communication experience compared to the previous generation because we have access to a cellular phone and internet connection. Because of this, we were able to produce our own language that I honestly find amusing. So for the Baby Boomers and Generation X, I think it would be awesome to share our language, the language of the Millennials, AKA, Generation Y.

Since the Millennial Language is composed of slang words, it means that their language is temporary and subject to change. And although they have created their own words, it’s easy for the other generations to understand their slang terms since they were generated from English words, too. But for the other words, I think it will really take time to explain. Our words can be formed through shorthand. An example of this is perf for perfect, delish for delicious and adorbs for adorable. We also conjoin words like bromance, which refers to brothers’ romance. For our new words based on acronyms, I’ve listed them on my blog post, Internet Slang Dictionary. We also make phrases trend like “The struggle is real.” while other words just came out of nowhere. Filipinos have their own version of creating Millennial Language by shuffling the syllables of an original word. We have lodi for idol and werpa for power. Usually, these terms are discovered memes or viral posts on social media that people found funny.

Witty, right? I know you want to know more about our language, the Millennial Language, so here’s a dictionary for you.

© Miko De Mesa

1. Af – as f*ck

I’m turnt af.

2. Bae – boyfriend or girlfriend

You’re the one, bae.

3. Broke – penniless

We partied yesterday and now I’m broke af.

4. Burn – badly insulted

You lose the argument. Burn!

5. Can’t even – annoyed

My rents are not allowing me to go out! I can’t even!

6. Cray – crazy

She’s going cray cray for him.

7. Dope – cool

His pictures are so dope.

8. Fam – family

You got my back, fam.

9. G – game

Let’s go out tonight. G?

10. Jelly – jealous

It looks like someone’s jelly.

11. Lit – awesome

This party is lit.

12. Low Key – casual

I like to keep my OOTD low key.

13. On Fleek – flawlessly styled

My eyebrows are on fleek.

14. Rekt – wrecked

Get rekt!

15. Rents – parents

My rents do not allow me to stay longer.

16. Salty – irritated

Someone’s salty because she wasn’t chosen.

17. Savage – bad ass

What you did there was savage.

18. Selfie – a self-portrait photograph

Let me take a selfie.

19. Seenzone – read but do not reply

I can’t believe he just seenzoned my text.

20. Ship – pair

I ship Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield again.

21. Slay – look good

You, girl, slay as always.

22. Smize – smile with eyes

How to smize in selfies?

23. Shade – critique

Do you want me to give some shade on your work?

24. Shookt – shocked

I was shookt when I saw it.

25. Thirsty – desperate

She’s thirsty for your love.

26. Totes – totally

Her shoes are totes on fleek.

27. Triggered – offended

I spill out shade when I get triggered.

28. Turnt – excited

The music has turnt me.

29. V – very

You’re v adorbs tonight!

30. Woke – enlightened

I’m now woke and I have to fight for my rights.

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