KKK Pinoy Food Revolution

KKK Pinoy Food Revolution

We have seen a lot of famous Filipino restaurants that emerges in our country, even in other countries. KKK restaurant is not among them, instead, it is among the Filipinong Filipino restaurants. What do I mean? Well, KKK went beyond the Filipino dishes because they emphasize more on Kainan sa Kalye Kanluran. Yes, that’s what KKK stands for.

Inspired by the nationality of the famous Katipunan leader, Andres Bonifacio, KKK has this unique Filipino facade and interiors that will definitely catch the eyes of the hungry passers-by. The Katipunan spirit is alive because even the waiters are dressed up with Katipunero attires. Let’s see if the foods are as good as the restaurant and its idea of making.


Baked Tahong

baked tahong

It’s my first time to eat baked Tahong and I’m glad that I’d spent that time on KKK. There was a generous amount of Tahong baked in fried garlic, japanese mayonnaise and quezo. And I’m proud that I finished it all because I love how the tahong blends fantastically with the other ingredients. This one made me favorite baked Tahong.


Ensaladang Mangga

ensaladang mangga

Tuyo was my choice for the appetizer but my mother said, “Maraming ganyan sa bahay.” Ensaladang Mangga was her choice. We also have plenty of those! But I just agreed on this because I think, she is craving for it. They mixed the unripe mango, tomatoes, onions, nuts, hibe and their house dressing very well. What a good combination!


Pancit Lucban

pansit lucban

KKK offers all day dining with merienda fares such as this guisadong pancit with Lucban longganisa, carrots and sayote. Even though it is just for snacks, you can have it as meals for it is served heavily. I didn’t know that Lucban longganisa will have a big help on this. It causes the sauce yummy. I must say that this is the best Pancit Guisado I ever tasted.


Nilagang Bulalo

nilagang bulalo

When I saw this in the menu, the first thing that came out from my mouth was “Bulalo na, nilaga pa.” When our Nilagang Bulalo was already served, that’s when I found out that a boiled, at the same time, stewed beef marrow, served with boiled corn, potatoes and cabbage is so possible. Aside from possible, it is also tender and meaty.


Lechong Manok na Niluto Sa Gata

Lechong Manok na Niluto Sa Gata

Home specialties are given a twist in KKK. Lechong Manok that is done with coconut milk is another dish new to my senses. Again, my question is “Is that even possible?” But you have to believe me that it’s good. Maybe, the only thing I don’t like here is the presentation. The serving was small for its price, unlike the other courses we ordered.


KKK menu

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