How To Make Bacon And Cheese Sandwich Rolls

Mom was in charge of making the snacks and she has bacon, cheese slices and bread slices on her table. It seems something new and delicious. I wonder what she’s gonna do with them so I asked. She told me that it’s Bacon and Cheese Sandwich Roll, a new experiment she saw on Youtube. That sounds blog-worthy! So I said wait. I’m gonna post this! I captured her while making our snacks and the ending was absolutely amazing. You should try making one, too. Here, I’ll show you how.


1. Prepare all the ingredients. This includes bacon, cheese and bread slices.


2. Cut the sides of the bread slices.


3. Flatten these bread slices.


4. Place cheese on each bread slices.


5. Roll them.


6. Wrap slices of bacon on each sandwich rolls and lock with toothpicks.


7. Deep fry theese bacon and cheese sandwich rolls.


8. Rest these rolls on a plate ofpaper towel to remove oil.


9. Serve with sauce. Your Bacon and Cheese Sandwich Rolls are now done and ready to be eaten.

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